Showing the New Guy BKK

June 24, 2009

Wake up with my friend J and have another round. I almost feel bad because I really let her have it the night before. She’s a trooper though and can give as good as she takes it. I let her know that I want to hang out with my friend for the day and we bid farewell until next time. I give her some baht even though she never asks. I’m not too experienced with the non-mongering girls of Thailand, so I don’t really know what to do. She comes off as a freelancer though, so no telling how often she does these things.

I catch up with my friend and I take him down to soi cowboy to show him around a bit. Only beer bars are open and we just walk down and back looking and talking to some of the girls. We hit up Robinson dept. store and I look around for a shirt and some undershirts. I find a shirt I like as well and cute little cashier. I flirt a little bit and go off to shop some more when her friend drags me back and takes my number. I get a call 2 minutes later to confirm and have a possible new friend to keep up USA/Thailand relations with. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen though because I have a busy schedule while in BKK.

Forgot to mention that that morning I moved my stuff over to the S15 hotel where I had my original reservation. We head back here because we both have appointments with Bangkok Gold Escorts. I have a duo set up and my friend has a solo session. As you can see on the website it’s very expensive and not really needed in Thailand. I figured I’d give it a go and see what the extra money get you. Well, after talking to the owner’s husband I find out that the 2 I picked aren’t available, but he says he has 2 that are really good together. Ok, I’ll see.

They show up about 2 minutes late due to traffic and don’t quite look like they do on the site 😉
Don’t get me wrong, they’re both good looking with nice bodies, but I was expecting light skinned hi-so chicks for the price. Tall girl – Bo, small girl – Bee. Anyways we have a good time together and 1 of them was actually perfect as far as bodies go (I like them small with bubble butts and nice tits), but she didn’t know much english. The other was tall with nice tits and nice tight body. I’ve gotta say though, I would’ve had as much fun at the Devil’s Den. The girls wouldn’t have looked as good, but I know it would’ve been more fun.

I say goodbye to them and watch some tv while waiting to show my friend Nana Plaza. He really enjoyed his session and is happy about the service. We go to Nana hit a few gogos. The first 1 is downstairs in the corner (rock n roll? hollywood rock?) and I quickly get into gogo mode and have a young cutie snuggled up quickly. He’s a bit jealous because his isn’t quite so cute, but we still have a good time. He gets the ping pong throw out of his system and I show him how to work the place. My broken English is coming back to me now and I’m really hitting it off with the dancers and service girls. I think about taking my new young friend with braces, but decide to wait a bit more. The mamasan is a ladyboy and my friend discovers that they’re not devious farang raping queers who are trying to sneak into your hotel room. He relaxes and we all have a good time.

At about the 3rd gogo we go into I find what I’m looking for. She’s sitting outside on a stool and has the cutest smile and eyes I’ve seen in Thailand in a long time. We lock eyes and I can’t stop smiling, grab her hand and go inside for a drink and some talking. She’s 19 and only been working for 2 months (aren’t they all?). We use a translator, but she understands a bit more English than she is letting on. My tiny tiny bit of Thai makes her happy and she thinks I speak a bit more than I do.

She wants to go ST and in 10 minutes we are heading to the room. While waiting my friend shows up with his in tow. Once in the room she was not too shy and not a starfish like I was afraid of. She had the best body I’ve seen in all my trips. I really thought we hit it off and we were both smiling and staring at each other the entire time. I think I should’ve just took her to the hotel for LT instead of going ST, but I still had an amazing time. I say goodbye and she gives me her number. I fully intend on calling during my trip and she becomes my new favorite girl in Thailand.

We end up on the 3rd floor in Carousel bar. Eww…nasty. We sit down and I get accosted by this skinny thing with bloodshot eyes and bad teeth. Right off I suspect drugs and am already annoyed. She tries kissing me, but I’m having none of that. I am nice though and speak with her a bit. Then she has to go squirm on stage. I’m then joined by the chick who was just shoving heineken bottles into her ass and snatch at the same time (classy eh?). Red eyes is not liking the competition. My friend is next to me with the only good looking girl in the place on his lap and also surrounded by the ladyboy manager from before and another ladyboy manager. We finally manage to escape after my friend barfines the girl on his lap. On the way down we pass some of the ladyboys and my friend is shocked by how good looking some of them are. I just tell him that yep, he’s a cute one alright.

Heading back to the hotel I call Nong from Cupidy, but she’s sorry to say that it’s too late and try tomorrow. Blessing in disguise because now I have time for my new sweetheart. Before I go back to Nana though I have a little talk with my friend. I wasn’t really looking too hard at his girl while we were in the bar, but started noticing a few things about her on the way to the taxi. Her face was a bit more mannish than feminine, she had a wig on, and her voice was just a tad bit deeper than the average girl. I knew he was already a bit scared of something like this happening, but I would rather just tell him what I thought. He told me he had checked and that she definitely had a pussy. I told him that I, personally wouldn’t have taken her because it just seemed too close to call. I hope I didn’t ruin a good night for him because he told me later that he took her to the room and ended up letting her know that he wasn’t as interested as before. She was angry as can be expected, but we really didn’t know.

So…I call my new best friend “E” and tell her I’m coming to see her. She seems happy, I get there and say goodnight to the mamasan and other girls. The mamasan ribs me a bit about paying the barfine, but I let her know that I know the deal and I’ve already paid earlier. It’s all in good fun though as she’s laughing and joking around. So off I go when I get a call to pick up some grub for my boy back at the hotel. I stop in at McDonalds and pick up some food before going back to the room. “E” has a bit of a cough and thinks she might be sick. It seems to me that she doesn’t really want to be there, so I tell her not to worry and to go home. It really sucked because I’m sure she was faking and I really liked her, but maybe she just felt uncomfortable.

Now heartbroken and pussyless I turn to drastic measures. Instead of weeding out the girls in the Nana parking lot I hop online real quick to a site I had seen while looking into escorts. It’s called High Society Bangkok and promises to provide uni girls and office girls. It’s pricey, but I want some office action and make the call. Very professional on the line and guarentees a very nice time. Whatever, just bring it on so I can see. Oh, the site doesn’t have pictures “because the girls don’t want to be seen”. I felt it added a bit to the authenticity of real girls working on the side for a little extra money. Maybe 20 minutes later I’m met by a very cheery (forgot her name) “office” girl. I should’ve told them to make sure to bring the office button down blouse and wool skirt. Anyways the girl told me that she really did have a real job and just does this on the side. She works at a car dealership. She was pretty and mid 20’s I believe and had a great personality. She was definitely there to please and we both had a great time. The service is 24/7 so if you need a little taking care of at 4am I recommend this to the lazy man.

By the time she’s left I’m beat and settle in for a nap.

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