Bangkok Boom Boom

15 October

Spent the entire day in airports and flying.

16 October

Arrived in Thailand at 7:20 AM. I had arranged for the VIP taxi service from and figured I might as well just book a ride from the airport to hotel. Bad move tongue.gif

After getting my bags and changing some money I went out to find my driver. After reading every piece of paper with a name on it I figured I needed to call Mr. Dream. After about 20 minutes I heard a call on the intercom for me to go to the information counter. There I found my driver, older lady with knock-knees. Of course with a big shit-eating grin on her face. I guess she forgot. She told me she didn’t know what my flight number was and later her driver didn’t even know where my hotel was.

I show up to the car (poopy old car) and am greeted by a man. The lady tells me that I pay her and the guy will drive me. I only have big bills, so give her 600 instead of the 550, but I also tell her I’ll need the change. Yes (big shit-eating grin) she says…no problem. Ok, so she took my money and just walked off. I’m like wtf? I ask the guy about it…he plays dumb, he calls her. She then tells me that it’s supposed to be 650 and I only gave her 600 (even though I’ve already spoken to Mr. Dream and know what the price is). I tell her she’s full of shit and I’ll be getting my change. So the guy driver ends up agreeing to give my change back. It’s only 50 baht, but the price is already higher than what I would’ve paid at the taxi stand, they showed up late, and the car’s pretty shitty.

I called Mr. Dream to let him know and he was sorry and said she had a history of this and would probably be fired soon. On top of that I had the longest ride ever to my hotel. It’s never taken me that long and we went a different way than I’m used to. It was just burning me up to have traveled so far to finally get here and have to put up with all of that.

Hmmm…drama already and I’d only been in LOS for an hour. Oh…I reached my hotel at 9:30 AM, so it was about an hour and a half of waiting for them and then riding in the cab.

Ok…so, I finally reach my hotel, take a shower and have a shave (by my hands…a bit cheaper). I call to make sure my reservation is still good and let them know I’m ready whenever. Bo shows up (I actually booked the right one this time) and we do some catching up very quickly. First thing she does is take me into the bathroom and asks me “You want blowjob now?”. Me, not wanting to hurt her feelings agreed. Soon we were both in the shower and I was admiring her ass…that’s why I wanted her again, but alone. She has some of the best legs I’ve seen and a perfect ass to go with them. So after a while we finished on the bed and she gave me a good rubdown afterwards. I watched a bit of tv to rest some before going at it again for another round. I went to take a picture of her gorgeous ass, but realized my camera was dead and I’d forgotten to bring the charger…failure.

She left and I relaxed for a bit before call up Bangkok Models. I’d talked with the mamasan before and she seemed to be able to provide me with whatever I needed. So I called her up again and told her I needed a ladyb…uh…er…I mean a “student” with glasses. She said not a problem and after about 40 minutes Nan shows up. Just about exactly what I had pictured in my mind. She looked like a bookworm, had long hair, big lips, big glasses, and was fit and not shy at all.

She was out of her clothes and in the shower in no time. When she came out she got me out of mine in a hurry. She’s what I call a cock-hog. Like…she loves sucking dick it seems. Breathing hard and taking in what she could…she didn’t mind getting sloppy with it either. She liked when I’d hold her head down and was a quick learner with the no hands action. That being over I slipped on a jimmy and went to town. She really got into it…or was a good actor (either way it was all good on my end). After the boomboom she gave me a quality massage for a good 45 minutes. She really did a good job and had some strong hands. After the massage we went at it again. By the time we were done we were both out of breath and exhausted.

Nan said she’d been in Bangkok for a few years and starting doing the escort thing about 5 months ago. She was 22 and from…I forget, somewhere in Issan of course. She was about as tight as I could handle so I’m guessing she didn’t have too may customers, or the snatch was just in great shape. Same with Bo…tight as a drum.

After Nan left I laid in bed and watched tv for a while. Finally I set out for Nana Plaza to see my friend from Fantasia. Walking from soi15 to Nana in pouring down Bangkok rain was a terrible idea. At least the hotel let me borrow an umbrella though. I was fucking soaked by the time I got to Nana. I headed straight upstairs and into Spanky’s for my first drink of the night. Only needed 1 drink because there wasn’t much at all going on. Same with Angelwitch, 1 drink and out. I walked a bar or 2 down and went in for another drink. Once again…in a sad state and I had my 1 before leaving. Finally I got through the ladyboy gauntlet and made it around to Fantasia. The girl I was looking for wasn’t there yet, so I…you guessed it, had a drink and left. I told them to just call me and I’d come up. After leaving there I went downstairs to the sports bar and played pool for a couple of hours. Met a couple of cuties down there, but was still waiting it out for my gogo girl. I finally got the call and went pack upstairs to pick up my “flen”. 600baht barfine…fucking shit…and we rolled.

We walked back up Sukhumvit and stopped at the open restaurant on soi7 and had some dinner. I had a crab with all the yellow shit on top of it…had it once before in Pattaya…good stuff.

I don’t really remember going to bed (been hitting the booze hard that night), but I guessed we both passed out because I woke up today and we both had all our clothes on. Update tomorrow 🙂

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