Canterbury Tales Pattaya


Woke up…checked out of and headed to . (hell of a story by the way…I’d love to have a beer with Chaucer). Checked into room. Safe didn’t work…told lady at desk, she said no problem, call boss. So me and J headed to the “hole in the wall” on soi Buakhao and had a massive fucking meal for 290 baht. I had a giant singha and then a small one, the biggest bowl of Thai green curry I’ve seen over here w/rice, and she had 2 Thai meals. After that we hit the massage place . Foot for me, oil for her. 1 hour of relaxations for 300 baht.

After we hit up the room for a few boombooms. Later on we decided to go to the little Volkswagon van on soi buakhao. They have them everywhere, but I’ve always steered clear of ’em. Until the other day when she told me that you could grab a bucket full of alcohol for 100 baht. Not quite…230 baht, but still a deal compared to gogos n shit. We had 2 buckets…mostly me drinking…didn’t take too long for me to get tipsy. After we headed to Liquid Lounge where I played pool for a little bit.

After enough drinks I had the great idea of going to soi 7 to play pool with one of the mamasans. If I won, she would pay my bin…if she won, I’d ring the bell. Yes…I’m retarded. Of course she won and I forked over the cash and took the walk of shame to the bell. Not soon after we headed back to the room. I was fucked up by now, but J was even worse off. I’m not sure how it happened, but we ended up arguing about something. Basically she was being irate and fucking stupid. I kept telling her to shut the fuck up. I ended up just telling her to get the fuck out of my place so I could sleep. She went nuts, but finally left.

So…after she left I went back on the prowl. I have no clue where I went except that I’d called a few girls up. I only know this because I woke up to a ton of angry messages and missed calls. Whoops, “I was drunk last night” is about the only thing I could say. I’m half assed pissed now and about to head out on the town. I’m booking this room the entire trip next time. I haven’t had the chance to try Dave’s famous breakfast yet, but I will soon.

bucket from the van bar

van bar

what the fuck? this is in the liquid lounge

the predator

the predator

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