Trip Report 6


Back again for some downtime. So far I’ve been deported from Qatar and flown on Kuwait airlines with the loudest group of Filipinas I’ve ever heard and visions of crashing running through my head while asleep.

Arrived at the Dream hotel 2 (Suk 15) just finished unpacking and have an escort lady on her way. I thought I’d given them up for good, but it’s just too damn easy and I’m not on a budget trip.

I forgot to bring shaving cream this trip, but the escort will be picking me some up on the way over. I’m wearing a beard this time…not sure for how long, but I like to see the reaction in Pattaya from people I know. Don’t know if I can make it through BKK with this thing, but I’m gonna give it a go.

Now at my laptop with Crown/pepsi/soda and figured I’d start off a TR.

This trip will be focused on more girl pics for you perverts and I think I’m going to make a few personal vids of my own this time. I was waiting on a Canon Vixia HF20, but it didn’t arrive by the time I had to leave out. I guess I’m going to try to pick up a cheap/small cam somewhere in BKK, or Pattaya. Any suggestions?

I’ll update as I go along…cheers

So…Bee has came and went. Was a nice little session to start off the trip.

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