Sriracha Tiger Zoo

24 October

I really can’t remember anything significant about this day. I think I just stayed in the room with the missus and we might have went to a bar or 2.

25 October

The plan for this day was to either go to the tiger zoo in , or go to the nearby. In the end it was decided that we’d go to the tiger zoo. I’d never been and was kinda looking forward to it. At first it was going to be a friend from Iraq and his lady, Randy and his lady, and me and mine. In the end Randy wasn’t able to make it, so it ended up being 2 couples. We just met at our condo and hailed a bahtbus on Thappraya rd. They charged 1200baht for the trip to and from. I’m sure I could’ve found something cheaper, but this was quick and easy. It was a bit of an uncomfortable ride though.

We showed up and bought our tickets. I failed to mention that 1 of my tickets was for a Thai and ended up paying about 120 bath or so extra. Just food for thought. Um…I was pretty disappointed in the place. Half of the park wasn’t even being used and just had empty exhibits. There was pig racing that was comprised of some pigs at one end of a runway, bell rings and they run to the other end. About 30 seconds later, another bell, they run, end of show.

Tiger living with dog and a pig

Pig doing math on the runway

The scorpion lady was there as well. I’ve seen her on the internet before, but I was kinda creeped out. I also felt bad for her because all she does is stand there all day and answer stupid questions from tourists. She’s pretty cute though…it’d be pretty cool to get her into bed. My girl took a picture with a couple of monkeys…that was neat I guess. The tiger show was bad…real bad. It didn’t last long and there just wasn’t much too it. I did eat some crocodile meat after the show, it tasted good…kind of fatty though. I just with they wouldn’t shower all their food with that seasoning that all the food carts use. I think that ruins the meat.

Tiger Show

Scorpion Lady

The elephant show was actually good I thought. I’ve never seen another elephant show to compare it with though. They did some cool tricks and seemed to be trained very well. 2 people from the audience were chosen to have the elephants do things to them…don’t think I’d be too keen on this. The lady had an elephant tap her ass with its foot and then walk over her a couple of times. The guy had the elephant hit is crotch with its snout. The first couple of times were pretty hard and I’d bet the guy wasn’t quite ready for it. Then the elephant threw some darts and popped some balloons. It didn’t take long before we’d seen everything there and we made the trip back to Pattaya after about an hour and a half at the park. I slept all the way back.

Elephant Show

When we arrived at the condo we were in luck because one of the chicken ladies had set up shop right on the condo entrance. So we got some chicken and rice to munch on upstairs. I let the little lady know I’d be out for a little bit. I promised her I’d be back at 3am…

I called a friend and told him I’d meet him at 2am when he got off work to do a bit of drinking. Stopped in the Classroom and had a couple of shots with one of the hostesses. Her name’s Lek…I really want to bone her, but I’m afraid she’d get a little crazy. She seems really clingy, but she’s cute. Her friend told me to take her because her pussy is super tight because she never goes with a man. Lek told me to call her, but I just don’t have the time this holiday. Now it was about 1:15am and I wanted a quick short time for the night. I headed down to Soi 6 where there were only a couple of bars still open. I went into one gogo near beach rd (not Betty Boop) and ordered a drink and talk to one of the hostesses. I asked who I could fuck and she said anybody. I asked if she would and yes, she would, but she wouldn’t let me take any pictures…so I moved along. I found another bar right of the road (Red Point) and there were a few ladies outside. They asked if I wanted to go upstairs…sure I say…all 3 of us?…hmmm…no time ladies, maybe later. But I took the one with a nice big ass. Just walked in, paid for room and went straight upstairs. I let her know I was in a hurry and we showered quickly and got right to business. I let her suck me for a while before turning her over and going at it from behind. She had a nice big ‘ol booty that had plenty for me to hold onto. At first I didn’t think I’d be able to pop fast enough, but after using a little jedi mind magic I was able to get the job done. Paid her the 700baht and went off to Soi 13/4. Now, forgot to add…I was planning on getting some good shots of this bubble ass, but find out my camera was broke…again! I did manage to get a quick video even though I didn’t know it was on the video settings.

Quick Ass Shot

Met my buddy and we went to Walking St. Hit a few bars and got twisted off lots of shots. The Iron Club is a new place on Walking St. and looks pretty cool inside. I went looking for a girl name Ploy who I’d met on TLL, but the girl they brought me didn’t look the same and couldn’t really speak good English. Instead I spent my time with a Japanese hostess. I think that’s right…I was really drunk by then, but I’m pretty sure she was of Japanese descent and living in Pattaya. I got her number and really wanted to cum all over her cute little braces, but will have to save that for another trip…there’s just never enough fucking time. I tried to call the old lady at 3am, but her battery was dead…fuck it I thought, it’s my holiday. In the end I made it home about 4:15am and got a dirty look when I came in. It didn’t bother her for long though and soon we were both asleep.

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