CCTV Conspiracy

Finish of the 28th

So I go back to the Tropicana to watch the CCTV. Can’t see shit. I’m just out of camera range. Plus, I was just like…fuck this, I’ve fucked up and now just have to deal with it. That’s what I get for being careless.

I walk up to the Classroom beerbar and talk to the manager. He tells me he’ll call a police friend of his…I say ok. Police guy comes and we go back to the bar to watch the CCTV again and talk to the girl I took and the manager. There are 4 cameras in the place and one of them goes blank a little after I arrive and comes back on a little bit after I leave…the policeman doesn’t give this much thought. I really have no clue, I’m pretty sure the girl I took didn’t take it, but I’ll never know…plus I was talking to a couple of them while in the bar.

Me and the girl go down to the Police Station to make a statement. It’s on Soi 9 and Beach rd. We sit around a bit then give the statement. Then the guy at the desk says that’s it, finished…I told him he might want to take my number in case they find it. He took the number, but I’m sure it’s not too high on their priority list. I can’t really blame them though. I’ll be checking the lost and found for the next few days.

After that I ate at the Ali Baba place on central road. Probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Pattaya.

Then had to find a girl for the night…finally stopped at the corner of 2nd rd and Soi 5 where I found a cute little farm fresh 18 year old. Hardly any English. Not a starfish, but not too experienced in bed.


Said bye bye to young thang and headed to Big C to pick up some nail clippers and razors. Decided to pick up a few books since things will be quiet for a bit. I still have a couple of regular girls that will stop by here and there for some free boomboom. Now just waiting for the credit card to arrive at the house then 3 days from UPS to Thailand.

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