Last Day In LOS and Visa Issues in Qatar

June 29, 2009

I had already reserved a late checkout until 6pm, so I wasn’t too concerned with waking up early. I felt a bit hungover from the night before, but not too bad. I laid in bed for a long time after I woke up. Me and Joy had a few rounds during the morning/afternoon. I’ve always been a procrastinator, so of course I waited until the last minute to pack my bags and get ready. I ended up leaving a couple of pairs of sneakers and I realised I must’ve lost a pair of jeans somewhere in between hotels. I always lose something, I’m just forgetful.

The manager of the Honey Pot was going to give us a ride to the airport and at the last minute I remembered that we never bought another visa for Qatar. I checked the internet real quick and was pretty sure that the joint tourist visa allowed as many entries for 30 days as required. Sounded good enough for me. I was avoiding the long goodbye, but it wasn’t bad at all. We both knew I had to go and she still needed to pack a few things for home.

Once on the road I thought about my wallet and remembered leaving it in the complimentary Johnny Walker bag which I’d given to J since I didn’t need another bag to carry around. I called in a panic thinking I’d have to meet her at the airport since I was already 30 minutes into the trip and would still be cutting it close at the airport. She couldn’t find it and we pulled over so I could check my luggage. It was there and was a huge relief to me. I kicked myself for not checking earlier.

Once at the airport we did the check in thing and finally got on board. Now all day I’d felt a bit hungover, but nothing serious. Once on the plane I starting getting warm and light headed. I was hoping this would pass, but ended up getting worse. After about an hour into the flight I had to resort to the barf bag. First time I’d ever used it and felt a bit embarrassed. I don’t think anybody really paid any attention. Once finished I rang the bell and nobody showed up for a few minutes and I was just sitting there with a bag of puke in my hand and kslay looking at me all crazy. I continued to press the button on and off yet no flight attendant ever came…wow I thought, this is supposed to be a 5star airline and they can’t even respond to the light. About 15 minutes later the drink lady came by and offered me a drink, but I declined and offered her my barf bag. She was grossed out and said she’d come back for it. What? So I had to wait another 10 minutes and constantly turned the bell/light on and off. I think it pissed her off, but I didn’t care, I wanted to piss her off by then.

Finally they took the bag and asked if I was ok. I told them I was better(didn’t want to start a plane panic with the swine flu and all). I was better though, I cooled off a lot after doing the deed. About an hour later though the feeling started to creep up again. I went ahead and got another bag ready just in case. Another hour of feeling like I was going to go again and finally it started to wear off.

Once we landed we had to wait in the passport line for about an hour and a half. Up to the counter with the passport and was asked if I had a visa. I told them yes and bent down to pull out my paperwork. Once I got it out though she didn’t pay it any attention and stamped my passport. Ok, good I thought, I guess the joint visa was good for more than one entry. Once on the other side though I had to wait on kslay for about 15 minutes. Turns out he had to open a Qatari bank account and by another visa. Ok, I’m not too worried at the moment. I’m thinking that maybe they just didn’t understand him or something.

Once on base and having signed up for a flight the passports and visas were asked for. Mine didn’t come back when kslay’s did and I figured I might as well plan on deportation. I had to go talk to the immigration authorities. They were feeling a bit nice that night and were going to let me buy one from them there. I pulled out the cash, but they were shaking their heads…credit card only. Shit! I told them give me 5 minutes. That perturbed them a bit I’m sure. I ran out real quick and tracked down kslay as he was heading out to the transition terminal. I lucked out because his card worked. He told me that the first time he came through he didn’t have a visa and his card didn’t work, so the guys at the desk used their own card and he paid them cash. I didn’t see that happening tonight and was planning on getting deported. I only hoped it would be back the Thailand 😛

The card did go through though and I’m now “happily” back at work.


I had a pretty good time this trip even though it was so short. It was a bit different though since it wasn’t a normal holiday. I enjoyed pretty much everything I did and all the places I went for the most part.

Favorite part of the trip – Just being back in Pattaya
Worst part of the trip – The flight back

Favorite food/restaraunt – Bed Supperclub
Worst food/restarauntt – Amari’s Supperclub

Favorite hotel – Amari Nova Suites
Worst hotel – Marriott in Qatar – Overpriced for what they offered, plus they wouldn’t refund my last day since I checked out early. That’s understandable, but there weren’t too many people staying and we had a lot of fun with the staff. Also their night club was dead.

Biggest bargain – This trip wasn’t really a budget trip, so I guess just the street food which is always a good bang for the buck
Biggest ripoff – Definitely the Bangkok Gold Escort service…might as well just go to a gogo, or meet a normal chick in a club.

Hope you enjoyed the TR…cheers

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