Bangkok Barfly

17 October

So…I wake up realizing that I’d passed out with all my clothes on…not cool. Eventually we’re both up and then we shed our clothes to have some fun. It’s then that I remember why I like this girl so much. Her body is like some sort of sex machine or something. She doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her…except maybe a bit in her ass. I could bounce a quarter off of that thing. So we did our deed and chilled out in the room for most of the day. It was raining all day, so there wasn’t much else to do. I’d called the front deskt when I woke up to cancel my tour I had planned. I really need to do that one of these days, but the 17th wasn’t the day.

After she left I just hung out and messed around on the computer a little bit. Talked to Oneday and got a message from Yogiballs, so there will definitely be some good times in Patts. Finally I’m ready to go and I’ve worked out what I want to do in my head. The plan is to get a bj, then play pool all night and pick up a freelancer on Sukhumvit. So…I head off to on Soi 8 and take care of the first phase of the night. 700 baht, straight upstairs with my drink and a pretty decent blowjob. It was the first time in the BKK Lolitas. I’ve been twice to the one in Pattaya…everytime I’ve had quality head. After leaving the bj bar I walked down to Nana Plaza. I stopped in the sports bar and played a few games of pool. Then I’d remembered that I wanted to go to the for some food. I’d been once before with itishotiniraq and we weren’t impressed. I was given a backlink from the owner of the and he mentioned my site in a post of his, so I wanted to give the Mango another shot. I checked on the net before I left the room to make sure I knew where it was and I saw that they were having a stag party there. So…I show up at the Mango and order a drink and start shooting some pool with a lady there. I guess they were just having a down night the last time I went there because the place was perfect in every way. The music was good, but not too loud. The jalapeno burger was great. They had a lot of hot chicks working. The whole atmosphere was spot on. I bought the new husband a shot and talked with Nick (manager or one of the owners…not sure), all good peoples. I had other plans, but thinking back I should have stayed a barfined a couple of the cuties they had there. I could really see that place being a regular stop if I lived in BKK.

So, finishing up the burger and drinks I went down the road a bit to this little pool place on Soi 4. Nice place, I just had some drinks and shot a few games. From there I walked back down to the sports bar and played some more. Then I figured I’d go to Patpong to check out their little pool hall that had some cute chicks on my last trip. Got a taxi there and walked around before going upstairs to the pool place. I played a bit and decided to liven the place up a bit by buying a bottle of tequila for all of the girls. It took about 30 minutes for them to polish it off. I got one of the girls there really drunk. She was cute at first, but she became retarded when she got drunk. I basically just told her…”you’re retarded…leave me alone”, and she smiled and shit. I caught one of the girls cheating at pool (she’d been moving the balls with her hands…not like playful, but actually trying to cheat) and decided it was time to go. I went into a bar downstairs and didn’t realize it was a ladyboy bar until I was already inside. Fuck it…I ordered a drink anyways. There was like a row of 10 that wanted to sit with me (they were all pretty hot dudes too) so I told them I’d pick the one who could jump the highest. They didn’t quite understand so I just picked the hottest one. Like…she was better looking than most chicks in my hometown. I finished my drink, but not before he plopped out his tits and showed me his new pussy. I almost puked, but managed to check bin without hurling everywhere. After that I went to one of those places upstairs they warn you about in Patpong. Hmmm…nothing going on there…just a regular bar and shit. I had a couple of drinks and rolled out. From Patpong I took a tuktuk (first time) to Spice Club in the bottom of the Ambassador hotel.

I think I got the tuktuk driver’s number and told him I’d need to hire him by the day next trip. Things started getting pretty hazy around this time. It was still raining and the tuktuk dude was hauling ass…it was definitely an experience. I made it to Spicey in one piece and got right into some lady tables. There was at least 100 hot chicks by themselves, so I took it upon myself to talk to all of them. I’m sure they thought I was an asshole, but I probably went to 10 different tables and hung out and chatted with them all. I danced and drank and talked and finally left to eat some food on Sukhumvit. I just remember walking around until I found what I wanted…got my food and beer and joined a table of a couple of Thai chicks and one of them’s falang boyfriend. I remember eating and hanging out with them…next thing I know I’m getting a call from the hotel asking me when I’m going to get the fuck out. I asked what time it was…they said 3pm…whoops…I check out now, sorry.

Updates tomorrow homies

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