Quiet Day in Pattaya


Very quiet day. Didn’t wake up until 5pm. Watched a bit of tv then thought about where I was going to stay for the next month. Remembered a place called the Canterbury Tales Cafe and checked it out online. Rooms starting at 4500 per month and I’d also remembered reading about the great breakfast deal that Dave puts on. I went off with the missus to check out the rooms. Rooms are small, but have every thing I need and look nice too. I decided I’d check in the next day.

Also dropped off laundry and a pair of jeans to be hemmed. On the way back to the hotel we saw Bruiser’s buddy Steve and decided to meet up with him later near WS. I told tilac I’d go alone and call her later. I met up with Bruiser and the boys at PBG later. Eventually Crazyfox showed up as well. I set off after the meal to the Hot Tuna Party bar and shot a few games of pool. I became bored of WS easily and headed back to the room. Not before I saw Alien though. He was waiting to meet a hot little receptionist. I’d like to hear how that panned out. Once in the room called the old lady and she showed up later. Once she got there we went out on 2nd road for a few drinks before calling it a night.

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