Cherry Bar Party, Pattaya Seafood

JULY 8TH – Decided to eat some seafood at Tankay Restaurant on Walking St with my flen. The day had started off really nice weather wise but turned to shit in no time. I had planned on going up on the hill to take some pics of Pattaya Bay. Ended up deciding to put it off until better weather came around.

The food’s good, but a bit expensive. 1300 baht was the final bill.

I had let teerak know that I’m done with the long-time thing and need a bit of space, but wouldn’t mind hanging out during the day. “Up to you” as usual. Plus, I knew that there was a party at Cherry Bar and I wanted to go stag.

I showed up a bit early and decided to update and play pool for a bit before heading back to the party.

It was pretty damn fun. Lots of good people and lots of good drink. As usual I drank too much and acted like a silly American ass, but it was all good. I ended up taking a lady I had met before…she’s fun.

Not the girl, just a girl working at the Cherry Bar

JULY 9 – Woke up to the lovely and said a few good mornings. After she left I went down the street to pool hall and started drinking a bit. Ended up drinking a lot actually. Called my little friend up and asked if she wanted to go up on the hill. So she stopped by the poolhall and we took a taxi up to the Buddha shrine.

After a few pics we walked up the hill to check out the view. It’s a steep and long walk, but I needed the exercise and it ended up feeling good. On the hill I took a few pics and we stopped for a bit for her to eat and my to enjoy a few Tigers.

After we said our goodbyes I ended up back in Megabreak and got pretty hammered before heading to the Classroom Beer Bar on Soi 2 to play some pool with Song.

It just so happens that they were having a 9ball competition and I asked to play on his team. I drank waaay too mutt and played like absolute shit. Sorry guys if you’re reading this Maybe next time not mau mak mak.

Left for the Cherry Bar to pick up my new friend and talked Adam’s ear off for a bit. I was soaked through by the time I made it back to the hotel. Good times though.

JULY 10 – Have done zero all day today. Laid in bed and had “sexual relations” about 3 hundred times. It’s about 10pm now and I’m going right back to bed to get some room service, watch tv, and get fatter.


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