Pattaya – Lazy Days


Didn’t really do too much during the day. Kinda sat around the house eating a drinking. Just worked on getting rid of the hangover. Wasn’t too sure if I wanted to go out, but was a bit bored sitting around the house. Itishot decided to stay in and I ended up opting for the night out. I only planned on stopping in at least to the Kitten Club for a few drinks since it was the manager’s bday.

Headed to Carrefour to pick up a few items for drink mixes and some goggles for the pool (the chlorine’s been raping my eyes). After that the girl got dropped off at her room then I had the driver take me to Soi 8. I just played pool for a little bit a had some drinks. One of the bars had a cardboard square with somewhere near 1000 pieces of paper that were numbered. Each piece cost 10baht and there were a few bottles of whiskey and a few bags of gold flakes up for grabs. I succumbed to greed and the pipe dream of cheap whiskey/gold and bought 10. No joy.

Next stop was the Classroom 2 to barfine one of the hostesses. Her name’s Lek and she’s a pretty cool chick. I knew she likes to drink so I figured she’d be a good companion for a party. I wasn’t feeling quite as good as I wanted to and figured on making it a quick night. After a lot of shots and staring at naked hot tub chicks I checked bin and called up the old lady to get ready. I said bye to Lek, wanted some boom boom, but have a feeling she’s clingy. No problem for me being just friends. She’s always hinting at me to barfine her and complaining about how she’s so unlucky and has nobody to “take care”…sure.

I wanted to go to Walking St, but didn’t bring a lot of money and had just about run out. So I told the girl to meet me at the Jolly Roger bar on Soi 13/1 Yamato. I knew I could squeeze in another beer with my funds while waiting on the oompa loompa to show up. She showed then we met the driver on beach rd. Came back to the house, drank for a few hours then hit the hay.

AUGUST 10 – Woke up a bit hungover again. Ate breakfast and hit the pool. Repeated this process for the rest of the day. The driver drank a bit at the house since we would not be needing his services. Seems like a nice dude, but quiet and a bit weird. Sat around the pool with drinks all day and night. Have everything we need here, so another day of hanging out until some parties in town come around.

Just went to 7/11 to pick up a few things…writing this wondering what will go down tonight. Anybody know where the new “Happy Bar” is over here on the Darkside? The security guy gave us a flyer, but it’s in Thai. I guess the place just opened on the 8th.

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