4th Trip Report Summary

SUMMING IT ALL UP – July 2008 – October 2008

Ok, this will be the final update. My main laptop’s being repaired so I don’t have access to any new pictures even though there aren’t that many new ones worth showing.



I stayed in 7 or 8 different places during my stay so I can’t pinpoint an exact amount spent on lodging daily (I probably could, but that would require work 😛 )

The cheapest place I stayed was Canterbury Tales. I see Dave has updated the site. The room I stayed in was 7,500 THBT/month. I think that comes out to somewhere around 250 baht/day.

Most expensive place was the Dream Hotel 2 in BKK. I think I paid for 1 night at around 4,500 baht.


I usually stick to the 500 ST 1,000 LT payment plan while in Pattaya and 1,000/2,000 in BKK.

The least I paid was free (after I lost my wallet) and the most expensive I paid was for a 1,500 ST in a BKK gogo.

The last month was pretty much 1 girl LT and ST’s with others when I felt the urge. I paid the girl who stayed for awhile 5,000/week.


Easily the cheapest part of my trip because I love the local Thai food. However I love to eat, so I ate all different kinds of food while there.

Some days I spent over 1,000 for food and others I spent under 200 for the day.

Partying and Recreation

As far as recreation goes I went to a few touristy type places, but not too many. The most expensive was the shooting range over on Thepprasit. It was close to 6,000 total for me and 2 girls to shoot, with me having extra bullets.

Bars/GoGos/Clubs and alcohol in general is where I spent most of my money. I just like to drink and that’s all there is too it. And when I do drink, it’s a lot. I wouldn’t take less than 3,000 baht anytime I went out and planned on partying.

This trip I probably had a couple of 10,000 baht nights. I did get a night for free though courtesy of the manager from the Honey Pot and rung up a tab of around 7-10,000.

It’s a shame I know, but that’s where most of my money went to…

My total for the 3 months including the airfare was around $11,000. If I was smart I would’ve just booked a room at a place like Canterbury Tales for the entire trip, that would’ve helped a lot on the spending. I had originally planned to hop back and forth all over the country though (plans…yeah) and do a lot of traveling while there. I only had a backpack arriving and leaving Thailand so I could’ve seen a lot more if I climbed off my ass.

Other spending was on clothes and random everyday necessities.


Place I stayed – Canterbury Tales
Bar – Impossible to say, but probably a tie between Cherry, Chalaos, and the Luxor
GoGo – A lot are the same for the most part. Here are a few that stood out for me.

– Happy – Only went twice, but I think they had the best dancers
– Wet N Wild – It was too packed for me, but it was pandemonium (this was during the annual danceoff)
– WindMill – Only for the sheer nastiness
– BabyDolls – Kinda like a classy WindMill (when it’s not overcrowded)
– XZone – Pretty fun place, it’s a shame the owner has his panties in a bunch when it comes to barcrawls

Restaurant – Nutch’s
– Bob’s BBQ – A bit expensive for Pattaya, but it’s delicious and the portions are gigantic
– Pattaya Beer Garden – Every Thai girl loved it and the best view in the city

Soi – 13/3, Seriously though…maybe Buakhao just because there’s so much stuff to do walking around

Girl – They all have something different that I really like about them, but then again don’t all women?

In closing I had a hell of a time and wouldn’t do anything different. Thanks to all the board members for following my ramblings and to all of the bar owners for putting up with my drunken debauchery.

– Adam and Martin – Keep up with the bar crawls, always top notch
– Alf – Keep playing good music, best playlist in Pattaya
– Brian – Don’t stop with the badass ideas (Beach rd shagoff and now the soi6 shagathon)
– Lee – Keep the lights shining over there on the Darkside (R.I.P. Lee)
– Pete – Keep up the fun times with the PBG (teach them the difference between baked and mashed potatoes though)
– Itishotiniraq – Still haven’t decided about the Amsterdam trip
– Capdagde – Don’t lose your voice and maybe I’ll see how you frogs live one day
– Bruiser – Keep rockin’ out down under, maybe you can teach me how to surf one of these days

And to all the other BM’s I met on my trip I had a great time and it’s always better to share a beer or 2 with a fellow monger.

I’m sure I’ve left a few things out, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

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