Pattaya – Back in the Green


So in the early morning while waiting for my ladyfriend to come over I was posting on a few boards and decided to call my bank and ask about the transfer time if I opened up a Thai bank account. Bank lady suggests Western Union (doh! of course…) and says it’ll be about 3-5 hrs. So I do the deal and them I’m fucking elated.

I get a knock on the door around 4am as I’m finishing up with the bank. Lady comes in sans food. I ask here where it is and she tells me that she and her ladyboy friends have invited me to a Thai dinner/breakfast thing. So we hop on a motorbike and head to someplace behind Big C to meet them. I think I’m the only man in this whole area without silicone. We ate jimjum.

Pretty good food…and free, so no complaint.
After the meal it was back to the hotel for a shag and then we pass out. I wake up around 10am with Western Union on my mind. I make a beeline to Big C and pick up my cash. I decide to try out the Hippo restaurant at my hotel. It’s a Belgium run place and I have no clue what would be considered Belgium food, but I end up getting some fish with butter lemon sauce. Of course the chick orders Thai food.

After hours of laying around and boombooming she takes off for work and I tell her I’ll meet up later. I’m supposed to go to some party so I walk down to the Classroom beerbar to meet up with the Thai guy. Turns out that there’s a lady’s party at the Honey Pot also. I check it out first and start drinking. At first the Thai guy insists on buying me drinks even though I told him I have money now. Eventually I’m on my own again.

After an hour we head off on motorbike to Soi 8 where there’s an opening night party at Toi’s Bar. Only 2 bars down from the Cherry Bar. I meet his aunt the manager who seems like a nice lady. They had a few decent looking chicks, but nothing too special. It’s a big bar with loud music. I also go over to the Cherry to say hi & what not. Later I get a message from a lady at the Cherry who wanted to see me, but she didn’t turn up until late. Too bad I tell her.

Back to Soi 2 and back to business for me. Tonight’s plan was to ST a little cutie at the Classroom 2. I chat her up and we catch up a bit. Her English is now pretty damn good for a working girl. I decide to save 300 baht and take the 1 minute walk to my room. Great, great, great sex. One of my favorite girls in Pattaya.

She was a bit bummed that I didn’t want to LT, but I made sure she knew I definitely would LT her later. Took her back to the gogo, had a drink, then headed to Soi 7 to pickup the little one.

I told her we could go to Lucifer’s if she wanted instead of just going to the room and fucking. She claims she doesn’t like Walking Street and suggests Hollywood disco. I’m down with whatever and we head off with her Ladyboy friends in tow.

I buy us a bottle of Red Label with mixers for 860 baht, we get the bottle, mixers, glasses, and ice then proceed to get drunk. The place is pretty nice…live band, lights, shit like that. Tons and tons of hot ass Thai chicks. They’re all dressed well and all have light skin. I figured they were university girls from Pattaya and Bangkok. I didn’t see another white guy the whole night. I’m sure I was getting a lot of strange looks with my midget and 2 ladyboys.

I go back to hotel with my munchkin and we pass out quickly.


I’ve been sitting in the room all day watching tv and playing with my Thai doll. Writing this now while she’s gone to pay bar and probably ST some hansum man. Gotta be up early to catch the taxi to BKK at 9am.

She almost killed herself eating spicy papaya. She had to drink 3 bottles of water 🙂

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