Friday Night Curry and Tequila Shots


Ok…woke up with the midget that I take a lot. Had some fun…ate in loom and I told her I’d meet her at her bar later that night.

The first bar I hit was the . Every Friday they have curry night. You get a plate of curry and a beer for 200baht. I’m not a curry expert, but it was pretty good. The girl I was talking to was very shy and didn’t speak much Engrish…strange how she opened up after a couple of tequila shots. Left after a few beers and drinks. Nice looking place, but a bit small.

Next, Soi 8 to check out the renovated Cherry Bar. It was already too crowded for me to find a seat around 9:30PM. So I strolled down to the Chalaos Bar and played some pool. Then back up to see if the Cherry had room…nope. I was stopped by a girl that I knew though who yak yak me a little bit, but I told her I could not see her that night.

Soi I continue to Soi 7 to pick up my regular girl. I barfine her and sit at an adjacent bar wanting to talk to the mamasan. Mamasan not there, but I sat around a bit with my girl thinking. Finally I decided to tell her that I’d rather just be friends and hang out short time instead of staying with each other so much. We tend to wear on each other after a while. She tended to take it well…although I didn’t look back and I immediately turned off my phone.

Back to the Cherry where I found a seat and started talking to the other girl. The plan was to take her for 1 final LT, after that ST only for me. She was a bit drunk and I made the huge mistake of buying her tequila shots. Needless to say she ended up smashed. I was going to take her to Lucifer’s for a change, but she only had her bar clothes…which was just about the same as her being naked. Plus she was fucked up, so I just took her to the room. She ended up passing out and getting a bit sick. Not a problem though because it was very much made up for with boomboom mak mak today.

Cousins doing shots.

Lady behind counter.

Adam should have a lot of good pics up soon.

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