Bangkok Fishing Trip


Ok…the plan the previous night was to not get drunk and stay out late…plans + Pattaya = plans awry.

Went to sleep around 5, woke and caught taxi at 9 (Mr. Toom). Went to BKK airport with Itishotiniraq’s lady to pick him him up. Plane was scheduled for 12:30 PM arrival…it arrived 20 minutes late. We finally see his shaved headed ass around 2:15 PM…after his cavity search.

Off to our hotels. He goes to Dream Hotel, I go to the Manhattan. No rooms available for me, so he nudges towards a Dream room. I get one. They’re big, and nice…with everything a growin’ boy needs. After getting our rooms Itishotiniraq needed to get his BBQ fix, so we found a Tony Roma’s near Soi 5. It was very good and very filling. Later we went to Nana Plaza for 1 drink and left. It was pretty dead. I had big plans for the night, but passed out until late and just decided to save some baht and stay in the room.


Woke up around 11 AM to call the Honey Hotel that I’d read about in a thread somewhere. I was just looking for something cheap. I liked the dream, but I could rent something for a month in Pattaya for what I was paying for those few days. Found a room in the Honey (Soi 19 Suk) for 800 baht a night. Average room…everything, but a fridge. Their room service took about 10 minutes, was tasty, and had about 200 items. Also operated until 1AM.

Later that day we took a walk down Sukhumvit and had some lunch at the . Very good food. They had a buffet going, but we decided to go with a regular meal. After eating we stopped in at Center Point Massage to relax for a bit.

Then we split and I went to Robinson dept store for some pants and a shirt.

Later that night me and Itishotiniraq went for a stroll to check out some bars/gogos. First stop…the Big Mango…aka, the Big Lamo. Maybe it was an off night for them, but the place was dead. No women and 6 dudes watching racing. Next! (Just want to note that the second trip I made to the Big Mango was really fun and there a great time to be had)

Hit up some pub and pool after that…nice place, good music. Then to Nana Plaza to hit up some gogos. Went to Erotica, Rainbow 3?, Hollywood, Obsessions, Spanky’s, some bar with a lot of Asian guys in the crowd and a ton of hot girls in black, and some other shit that claimed to be the biggest gogo in BKK (everybody had clothes on…out in 30 secs).

I pulled a ST in Erotica with massive tits…she was a grunter. All in all a pretty fun place to hang out in.

Spanky’s had zero customers with 6 girls “dancing”/bkk shuffle. They have a deaf girl there if you’re into that.

I can’t remember too much about the rainbow.

Itishotiniraq was just dying to get into Obsessions, but they were worried about his aggressiveness, so we quickly left.

The Hollywood place on the bottom floor had a lot of cute little girls that looked like they were on the cheer squad or something.

After a drink or two in each we retired to our rooms to get ready for the fishing trip in the morning.


We meet the fishing guide Lee at the Dream Hotel with little sleep between us and Itishotiniraq blowing mud. We soldiered on in search of the giant Mekong catfish. Lee works for …they set up fishing tours in shit. He was very knowledgeable and I’d definitely use them again for different locations. The lake we fished at in BKK was called Bungsam. I think it’s home to something like 30 world records.

Our biggest was around 20 kilos…which was still a fucking workout. The first fish we each caught almost killed us. They got easier as went went along, but I could care less about my last night in BKK after all of that. Lee told us that we had began to bring in the 50-60 kilo fish, but we decided it’d be a better idea to make a beer run…even though he would have done it for us. Big mistake…all the big boys ended up leaving after we stopped fishing for about 45 minutes. Oh well…

I wanted to go out later, but went to sleep as soon as I hit my bed…after room service of course.


Got a ride to Pattaya via Mr. Toom’s service. I went to the Sunshine Vista for the night and Itishotiniraq headed to the Marriott. I took a ST before calling my LT teerak over for the night.

Later me and the girl I was with met Itishot and his girl at Amazing Paradise on Soi 7. After a drink we headed to Soi 2’s Honeypot Club. It was Itishot’s great idea to order a million shots. I believe close to 50 were ordered in addition to our 4-5 drinks a piece. I had to call it quits earlier than I wanted…just didn’t have the cash on me and didn’t want my girl getting too drunk and annoying the shit out of me. A little boomboom back in the room and out like a light. Sunshine had decent rooms…1600 TBHT.

Here’s some pics…woulda added them in the story, but have been having connection and pic host problems lately.

Fishing bungalow

I failed at life when I didn’t get a closeup of this one, but it was a fucking beast

One final look of the lake

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