Soi 6 Boom Boom Boom

26 October

Kinda stayed in til I got a call from Randy who was free for the night and wanted to go do something. After going to TukCom to get a new camera () I met Randy at THITW on Soi Buakhao. We decided we’d go to Soi 6, but first we needed to go by Randy’s place to get something…I forget what it was. While he was showing me some pics of girls he’d met on Thai Love Links he got a call from his girl. She was supposed to have a meeting, but showed up a bit early and took Randy out the running for Soi 6.

I didn’t really want to go at it by myself that night, so I had Randy drop me off at the Beach Road end of Soi 7. I kinda sauntered down looking around before stopping in Amazing Paradise to shoot a game, or 2 of pool and have a beer. (I’ve totally got off the whiskey now and am only doing Heineken and tequila shots) A lady who knew me at the bar told me she had 2 new 18yr olds and brought them out to show me. They were both very cute, but I’m not really the biggest farm fresh fan…but they’d be nice for any of you that like the newer ones. From there I bought a beer at Adam’s place and went to the Chalaos bar for showing my ass a few nights before. The told me that it’s ok and they knew that I was drunk.

I walked down toward Beach Road a bit and walked into the Tiger Bar to play some pool. While I got started I got a couple of texts from Randy letting me know he was free again for Soi 6. He met me at the Tiger and we hung out there a little bit. The girl ended up winning out little mini-tournament and I had to buy her a shot. Randy had a bit of a tat with his girl, so he came out to have a little fun. Before going to Soi 6 we had to go see my girl in Amazing Paradise where she used to work. I also wanted to introduce Randy to the farm fresh girls. After that was over we finally made it to Soi 6.

Not far down the soi we found 2 cute girls at the Foxy bar. I was the one who wanted to go inside because I was ready to take mine upstairs as soon as she stepped out on the street to greet me. She had a cute face, nice small body, and long black hair. We sat down and I ordered my drink. Pretty quickly I noticed that my new friend had a little bit deeper voice than most bar girls. That didn’t really start chucking up red flags, but it was in my mind. The next thing I noticed was that she had a lot of hair on her arms and legs…not dark coarse hair, but whispy peach fuzz. Now I was on the side of thinking she was a he. The next clue was that she was stronger than most bar girls as well and I was having a bit of a time escaping her clutches. I was convinced by now and tried to feel down below and he wouldn’t let me look, or feel and that was the final nail in the coffin. I told Randy I had to go and I’d let him know later. The guy looked a bit disappointed and confused as to why I was leaving. I think he knew I knew though. I didn’t realize it until another girl mentioned it later in the night, but the gentlemen from Foxy had left me with a small hickey on my neck. My girlfriend wasn’t as jealous though when I told her it was a LB. That’s the first girl that ever really had me fooled for a bit. I think I just couldn’t hear his voice that well out on the street. I can’t remember the name, but it’s a winner for the LB lovers…he was hot.

Well, I texted Randy the bad news and went out to find my first for the night. I came upon the Red Point again and saw my friend from the night before. She asked “Are you ready for 3 now?” I hadn’t really thought about it, but decided sure…why not? I took her and 2 smaller girls from outside and sat down at a table inside. I ordered us all a shot of tequila, but the youngest looking one bowed out and said she wanted her friend to go instead. Ok, no problem. Her friend was a big tall girl. Long girl hair and they said she was brand new and only been in Patts for a week. I never really know, but she kind of seemed a bit new to the scene. After the shot and me playing around with them a bit we all headed upstairs where we all jumped in the shower. Once on the bed it got pretty wild. I took turn with all of them giving them a good bit of what I could. The last girl wanted to know why I didn’t cum for the other 2 and I just told her I’d saved the best for last. After a while I didn’t think I could muster it up. I don’t think the girl was handling it all that well and I’d been going for a while. Finally after some focus I popped a good one and we showered up and relaxed a bit.

Soi 6 Ladies

My memory’s a bit foggy after that…maybe Randy can cover some of the details. I’m sure it involved pool and drinking. I’m pretty simple. That’s pretty much the most of what I do…walk around finding places to shoot pool and drink at. If I find a girl I like along the way I take her if I have the time and energy. I also try to eat good food while I’m in town. I do know that at the end of the night I was in the Toy Bar and Soi 2 along with some other bars on Soi 2…ok, now I remember me and Randy stopping in at a bar on Soi 2. It was the loud one that’s all neon lights. Big inside and lots of girls, but I stay away because of bad history there. I had a beer with Randy and went off. By the way, in the Toy Bar there’s a girl that repo-man from the board’s been trying to get pictures of. She looks good and different. I think she might be mixed with something. I didn’t get a chance to talk with her because she was surrounded by 4 Filipino guys. Maybe she’s mixed with some Filipino. The band there is really good and play a lot of songs I haven’t heard others in town play. I finished the night up by picking songs and drinking beer.

I think I have 1 pic of the 3 Soi 6 girls. I’ve been getting real bad in my last few TRs about not bringing out the camera enough. I mean, I have most things in my head, buy I do enjoying looking back at the pictures and sharing the good ones with other members. I don’t have the cables to upload now though, I’ll have to wait until I get back to Dubai.


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