Little Party at The Honey Pot

June 28, 2009

I stayed awake all night because I couldn’t go back to sleep and just nerded it up on the internet. When I became tired I just layed in bed and watched a movie until waking up around 2 or 3ish. Once I was up and just layed in bed and watched tv while playing back and forth with the longtime.

I’d say around 5 I actually got up and got dressed. Me, my friend, and itishot we’re going to throw a party that night at the Honey Pot. I figured I should get a move on and do whatever I needed before we started the party. I really didn’t get dressed though because all my clothes were dirty and in the laundry. J had gone out to finish up a few affairs dealing with her apartment. She was going to be moving back home for a while. I rang her to make sure she brought my clothes by so I could go outside. Once she brought the clothes by I told her to finish whatever it was she needed to do and meet me at the party later on.

Finally I left the room and took a motorbike taxi down to BigC. I went in to buy a usb cable for my camera, but the shop didn’t have one. Instead I bought a flash card reader thing for my SD card. Not knowing at the time that my laptop has a slot for the little cards. Once done there I strolled over to the phone stores to look around. I was just tired of my little travel Nokia and wanted a little bit better phone. I ended up with a Sony Ericson which is ok I guess. I’m now thinking that I really didn’t need a new phone, but was just bored.

From BigC I crossed 2nd rd to the Honey Pot. The Honey Pot was still being cleaned and set up for the party so I just hung out in the Classroom beerbar and talked with some people. The guy who set the party up was really happy to show me that he’d found red and white heart balloons for us even though we specifically said no hearts…oh well TIT. I’d really wanted some dick and tit balloons and he thought he could deliver, but they were just balloons in the end. He did blow up a few condoms though.

About 8:30 they were ready and some people started to show up. We’d bought 250 beers for the party, so I got started with a Tiger. We pretty much sat around watching tv and talking shit for the next few hours. I ended up going back to the blue label since beer usually fills me up too much. I wanted to save room for the food. I hadn’t eaten too much all day and was really ready to pig out. The usual fare was there and I had waay too much, but had to make up for not eating a whole lot since I’d been in Thailand. That reminds me…we ate at a pretty decent steak house not far off of Sukhumvit soi 21 while in BKK which had one of the better steaks I’ve eaten while in LOS.

After eating, drinking, and meeting some new people I headed down to Walking Street for about an hour. I took an old friend and a new guy from the party to the Galaxy club next door to Polo. The one with the Russian chicks. The friend is a Thai who’d invited me to his house for dinner with his family and friends a couple of times, so I figured I’d pay him pack with a few drinks watching European babes.

It was really funny watching him go…he had his hands all over them (which they weren’t too keen on) and he couldn’t understand why they’d ask for a tip after dancing for 30 secs. I don’t think we were the most popular table in the place. We each had about 3 drinks before moving on to Happy agogo across the street. He knew a couple of people there and bought all of us some beers while we were there. I told him we needed to get back to the party and he stopped again in a store to buy us all another beer.

Once back I got right back into the groove with the rest of the folks. I didn’t think the beer would all get drank, but eventually it did. By the end of the night I was pretty drunk and thought I might go back out to an after hours place and keep up the party. I was discussing this with itishot, one of the owners, and the mamasan. I told the mamasan I wasn’t sure I’d have enough cash though to keep partying and she offered to loan me some. Not sure why I was even thinking about going out again, but I told her 15,000 baht would do the trick (to be on the safe side). Anyways, it was worked out that I could just pay her back later. Well, when I left I just went back to the hotel with J and fell asleep.

Bus and kslay, thanks for the party. It was good stuff.


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