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Ok…it’s been a bit since I’ve posted and I’m definitely slacking. However, I was originally slated to leave on the 28th…not the case however. I’ve decided to stay 1 more month. That being said, I’m done with the day to day reports, but will add pics when I get them and turn the rest of this into a sort of pic report/business review to make it a bit easier on me.

Coyotes gogo – Near Insomnia club off of Walking st. Went here with Alien as it was his last night and we were trying to make sure he had a good time. It seemed a bit slow from the outside. Once inside I could tell it was too pricey for me. Just about every girl in the place was fucking fine. We each talked to some cuties for a drink or 2 before leaving. I’m to the point of not wanting to spend too much money as I already have in my 2 months here. The show girls all looked 16 and seemed to be going for a Japanese look. The show was very tame, but wasn’t looking too bad from perverts row. I pretty much know I wouldn’t be taking too many gogo chicks as I’m a bit of a cheap charlie. Not a bad place though, just not for me.

Wet n Wild agogo – Alien had wanted to see this place for a while and we figured what better time to do it than on his last night. It was 9ish I think and we figured the place would be extremely slow especially because of its location off of south rd. We had no fucking clue. We walk in to pure pandemonium. There were about 50 scantily clad ladies on the stage and off. The place is pretty big, but I think we barely found the last 2 empty seats in the place near the shitters. Not such a bad location though because we were also right near the “fishtanks”, where there were about 6 butt naked chicks treading water and some with goggles on to see the action through the glass. We had other plans, but my hands were full of tits and ass for the full 45 minutes we were there. Left after a few drinks and shots.

Big Al’s Mexican food – Good burgers, good burritos, and good tacos. And about a 20 second walk to my room.

Canterbury Tales Cafe – Not only good rooms with free wifi, but also good, cheap food in the cafe. Also a lot of good books to read if you’re bored. Good burger and pretty good fish n chips dish. I haven’t tried the famed cheap big breakfast yet though.

– Just a little thai restaurant place right outside my backdoor. Every meal on the menu is 30-50 baht. Today me and a girl had a meal each with drinks for 85 baht.

“hole in the wall” – Coined by Oneday, little thai place on soi Buakhao that had dirt cheap food and all of the helpings are fucking massive. Every time I go I end up sharing meals with a Thai girl and I’ve never finished everything. Either had to take away or leave the food behind.

Haven’t been up to too much lately. Everyday consists of a lot of drinking and eating. Boomboom in the morning and night. The night before last I was invited to the home of my previous driver while I stayed at the house. He lives in Park Hill 1. We stopped for some market food where he bought everything and later bought whiskey too. His house was actually pretty cozy looking. He said he bought it for 700,000. I tuned his computer up a bit so he could watch pornos that I’d gave him earlier. Also showed him how to “borrow” songs from the net. Later me, my girl, him, his wife, and a few neighbors feasted on the massive spread and got pretty drunk. We sent the girls to the store later for more whiskey. Got back to Pattaya and told the girl I was going alone for a bit.

Went to Oasis and BF’d a girl I knew from before and headed straight to the Full Love Inn. Had lots of fun there where I had the pleasure of her clean shaven, tight, tasty, pussy and ass. After that back to the room to see the missus.

A few days I wanted to wake up and go to Koh Larn…hasn’t happened yet, probably won’t any time soon. BKK girl ended up staying a few days late because of the BKK uprising or some shit like that. She called and sms’d a lot, but I didn’t see her. She was a big fan of XZyte…is this place any good?

Sitting here now watching the sun come up and contemplating my next moves. Probably relax today to get ready for Ban Chang tomorrow. Also want to see if I can meet up with the infamous beach rd freelancer Na and see what’s up with that. Other than that this next month will probably be pretty laid back. Oh, I never play games in the bars, but decided to play jenga the other night. Only realizing this was even an option after seeing one of Bruiser’s bros playing. Anyways, it’s the only one that doesn’t seem too boring…but you can get a lot of girls in on the action as well. I was kicking a lot of ass the other night in Cherry bar and was receiving lots of free Sato for the effort. Now rambling a bit…here’s some pics.

“toads in a hole” or something like that from The Sportsman

English Food In Pattaya

English Food In Pattaya

view from inside the “hole in the wall” on soi Buakhao

Pattaya Food

food from above restaurant

Pattaya Food

driver’s house and food consumed within

Thai House

Thai Food

Dragon Fruit

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