Took an overnight trip with some friends to about 2 weeks ago.

Stayed in a little Thai place right on the beach with little bungalow type rooms. No English channels on the TV 🙁

Had some seafood and did some snorkeling. Also rented a motorbike and drove around a bit to check the place out. It was a relaxing trip and nice to get away from Pattaya’s hustle and bustle.

From what I understand Rayong is a weekend getaway for a lot of Thais. We went during the week, so it there were hardly any people in any of the beach areas. The night was very quiet though and no bars to go to 🙁 The fact that it was pissing down rain didn’t help any either as far as finding a place to pick up some girls and have a drink was concerned.

Arapaima in a small pool at a little resort near Rayong beach


Rayong Resort

My room

View from my room

Restaurant near my room

Ordered a fried squid dish and the fucking beak was still in the damn thing

Later that night we ate at another seafood restaurant on the pier.

Check out Rayong if you want a nice quiet weekend…it’s only about an hours drive.

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