Pattaya New Years 2011

Here’s a few pics from my New Years here in Pattaya.

The original plan was to hit the beach with some friends, then make our way down before ending up at Bali Hai Pier.

As usual when it comes to plans in Pattaya they never really work out like you want them.

We did hit the beach and had some drinks. Next stop was in the New Simon Beer Bar Complex. Had a drink there then moved on down looking for another good place to stop. Walking Street was packed full and it was hard keeping track of everybody. I ended up losing some folks and couldn’t get them on the phone, so decided to just go check out Bali Hai Pier. The pier was like a sardine can and I just didn’t really want to be squished together down there when the New Year hit. So…I took a bike taxi back to Second road to see if anybody was in the Chang bar. It had shut already, so I ended up on Soi 2 for the countdown.

Finally made it back to the room around 10am the next day I’m guessing…it was definitely a wild night.

Royal Garden Plaza

Bali Hai Pier

New Simon Beer Bar Complex

I REALLY like this one…

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