Last Day of Trip 4


Wow…I have no clue what I did. I probably shouldn’t have put it off for so long. I do know that the last few days were a lot calmer than I had in mind. Which I really didn’t mind. I ended up staying in Pattaya for an extra night that would only give me 1 night in BKK.

I do remember getting a room at some hotel in BKK around soi 9 I believe (City Lodge). Ate at Tony Roma’s, pretty good. I checked out the Beergarden around 6pm and it was totally packed. I sat at the bar and started talking to an older chick next to me. She looked good and had a good body as well. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I figured I’d give it a go and head out later to find something young and fit.

She meets me at the room and it’s less than great and I hand over the negotiated 1,000baht. After that I just lay around and eventually went out to grab some Indian food.

I had plans of ravaging many holes in nana plaza, but in the end just didn’t really give a shit. I just laid in bed and watched tv most of the night. Had to catch a 6am taxi to the airport.

My plane ended up having mechanical problems and after a few extra hours of waiting we were shuttled to a hotel about an hour from the airport, given a room, and 2 meals.

I finally caught a 10pm flight out of BKK and spent the next 24hrs in the air 🙂

Now I’m back and haven’t been doing anything except fiddling with a few sites. I’ve only been out once since I’ve been back. I had a good time, but it wasn’t quite Pattaya ;P

I’ll try to tally up money spent and spent on what and give a general review of food, bars, and other things. It’s 4am now though and I believe I’ll get to it later.

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