Pattaya, Booze ‘n Bowling

JULY 7 – I’ll have to update the pics either later today or tomorrow at an internet cafe. The speed of the new hotel is abysmal. Plus there’s always people on the computers.

I’m now at the on Soi Diana. I like it. It’s small and simple, but has a/c, fridge, and cable. I really like the location though. 450 baht a night.

Let’s see…after a few morning rounds she went off to loom to change and get ready for lunch. I walked down to the beer bar complex to wait on her and my buddy’s lady. She showed up and we caught up a bit. I had about 5 vodka/oj’s while waiting on teerak who took forever like always tongue.gif

Then we had some lunch at the Beer Garden. I had some fish n chips and they both had Thai food. I continued to have a few “wodka” nam soms until the food arrived and switched to Tigers.

After that we went to the Elephant park on Thepprasit to shoot some guns. I was hoping they had AKs or some shit like that, but I settled for a .45 and shotgun. The girls shot 9mm and .38

Then we went to on Central rd to do some bowling. They really skimped on the vodka and they charged 180 baht for a pair of socks. Whatever though…it’s hard for me to be in a bad mood ever while I’m in Pattaya.

The plan was to go to Walking St later in the night to hit up some gogos, but once again I ended up napping a bit too long and was still pretty beat by the time I woke up. I think it has something to do with waking up at 6am.

Not sure If I’ll make the Cherry Bar party tonight as I have an interest over there, but don’t want to bring my girl along, but don’t really want to part ways with her quite yet.

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