Pattaya – Grimeyness At Its Best

18 October

I’m waken up by the hotel telephone ringing. I answer somewhat groggily and they ask me…”What time you checkout?” “What time is it now?” “3 o’clock” “Shit…sorry, I’ll come check out now”. I thought I might get a call earlier to wake me up when my scheduled taxi arrived at the hotel. So I call Mr. Dream who informs me that my ride isn’t until the next day. Hmmm…that doesn’t sound right so I tell him I’ll call right back. I check my email and sure enough we’d agreed to the 18th…which was right now. I was supposed to already be on the VIP bus with a sexy lady and on my way to Heave…Pattaya. I call back and let him know…he says he’s sorry and he’ll send a driver. Hmmm…not cool, so I rush around and get everything packed for checkout.

Go down to checkout and I receive a call from Mr. Dream’s new driver guy who says it’ll be an hour before he shows up. I tell him not to worry about it because I’ll get my own. So the hotel grabs a regular BKK driver to take me to Patts. So I write up the previous day’s report while I ride down to Pattaya. It becomes aware that this guy’s not really sure where he’s going. First when instead of turning towards Chon Buri he goes to some crazy place I’ve never heard of. After about 5 minutes I tell him I think we made a wrong turn. He has a shy smile on and turns around pretty soon.

Once in Pattaya he doesn’t know how to get to Jomtien much less . I hadn’t planned on needing directions since Mr. Dream and work together and Mr. Dream’s drivers know how to get to View Talay 2. Ok…we pull over while I try to get Dancewatcher’s cell number. I have my brother look up the number online and he ends up giving me a wrong number. Oneday tries to look it up as well, he finds it, but I’d already run into an internet cafe to grab the number and directions. This was after the taxi driver’s car stalled half way into the road and he couldn’t start it for 5 minutes.

So…we make it to the condo after the taxi driver has to stop once more to talk to a police officer for directions again. Nice place, nice view, no internet 馃檨 The recent storms have cause a problem with one of the major servers and nobody knows when it will be back up. Fuck it…I take a shower and head off for some drinks. I call itishotiniraq and let him know I’m here. We decide to meet at the Honey Pot over on Soi 2. Before that though I grab a couple of tshirts and get a motorbike taxi to Walking St. I head to FLB to see if Martin’s in. He hadn’t made it in yet, so I let a shirt there. Then went over to Soi 8 to see if Adam was around. Hadn’t made it in either, so I left the shirt and went down to Soi 2. Once there I talked with itishot and he said he’d be a minute so I figured I’d get a soapy while waiting.

Went right next door to the Sabai Room? Not sure which one, but right next to Soi 2. Sat down, ordered a drink, scanned the “bowl”, and eye up 101 in about 30 seconds. I’ll have that one sir! We go room, she looks like she’s mixed with Indian, golden skin, perfect tits, long curly hair. She says she’s all Thai and from South Thailand. She’s really flirty and laid back and we have a really good time together. Soapy and a shag and I’m out (1700baht for full service soapy), no need to tip, up to you.

Hang out with itishotiniraq and another friend who I used to work with who’s over here now as well for a bit. We decide to head over to itishot’s condo and drink/eat/play video games. Everything was great except for one thing…well two things. 1, I got sick from the Burger King I ate. I just can’t take the fast food anymore. 2, I’m terrible at SOCOM…really, really terrible. Itishot’s going back into town and drops me off in Pattaya so I can booze more.

I basically just walk around to all my old haunts saying hello to different folks. I call up my little midget friend and have her meet me at the World Wide Agogo on Beach rd in between Soi 7 and Soi 8. From there we go back to the condo and boomboomboomboom.

View from the condo

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