Pattaya – Same Old Shit


OK…sat around the hotel a bit, dropped off laundry. Bought a bottle of coke for the Johnny Walker in the room. The 17th and 18th are holidays. Something to do with Buddha and Lent. Sooo, bars aren’t selling booze. I drink a bit in the room and head off. I walk down Soi Buakhao and cross over to Soi 8. Catch the baht bus and head to Soi Post Office to Hot and Cold agogo. They had moved the party upstairs on my last trip when the elections where going on and still sold alcohol.

I hang out…not much there. Some older girls. They used to have a cute little thing named Alex or 5, but she’s been at home for a bit. I get manhandled by a couple of girls and get a few stinky-fingers before heading out.

As I reach 2nd rd I see a familiar face. I see her every trip and figure it’s about time I get a pic with her.

It’s hard to see how fat she really is in that pic.

Next I go the Hottie’s Club and see a little chubby lady that used to serve drinks in the Honey Pot. I shoot a bit of pool and talk to a few guys while listening to the decent rock music being played. Funny…I pass the girl that tried to rip me off the night before and she’s all friendly n shit and wonders why I don’t stop at her bar.

I leave Hottie’s well on my way to being fucked up. Walk around Soi Buakhao and stop at any place that’s serving drinks…which turns out to be a lot. I get a burger (or 2) and talk to an Arabic guy a bit about how smart George Bush is tongue.gif

I give a girl I’d met earlier directions to my room, but I ended up staying out all night and missed her. I found out today she’d went to the hotel twice. Updates tomorrow.

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