Wild Times Wind Down To An End

I took a few of the friends over to Soi Bhukao and Diana for one night to get a different taste of the town…they all liked it and one was very interested in the Hell Club. I had told him of my previous experience in BKK at Eden and he was down for a visit. We both walked to it a few days later…thought we were lost for a bit, but we found it. We sat down, had a drink…one of the owners gave us the run down and we were off. Now in my previous TR I noted that I really didn’t have the best experience at Eden, but that was mainly because of my bad hangover. This time around was very different. I picked a small older lady with a pretty face and she chose a younger girl with some thick hips as her partner. I noticed that the girls weren’t as good looking as Eden, but the service was very nice. The older lady was absolutely phenomenal…the younger one has a nice teacher tongue.gif They kept asking me to meet them at Lucifer’s later and I told them I may or may not be there later. I wish I would have gotten the older one’s number. I’ll definitely see her again on my next trip. My buddy loved the place by the way.

One of the nights was spent at a birthday party for one of the guys that went with us. He had a pig cooked down at “Ma’s Bar”. We got pretty lit and eventually made it to down at the end of WS. Ended up getting the VIP area where we were looking down on the dance floor…it felt like we were in Scarface. We had probably 60 shots between a few of us along with some beer and other drinks. It was pretty wild and we ended up getting cards for 20% off. My brother flew back that morning…I looked into extending his stay, but I would have had to actually call both BKK and Tokyo airports to sort it out and didn’t really feel like it at 2am. I’m sure he’ll be back eventually though. We went back to MIXX a few days later and used our cards and had a good time hanging out there.

I had the number of the singer that was in the Honey Pot‘s band. She was great looking and fun to hang out with. We talked a lot the few times we were there. I told her I would call her for lunch, but I never did…I kinda felt like an asshole…which I am, but oh well. One night I bar fined the mamasan and a girl that she recommended to me. I wanted to hook up with mama, but the trip was nearing to an end and I wanted a young one. She was 19 and had only been in Pattaya for about a month. I felt like I was 16 again…what a great night. I called mamasan the next day, but she was at the gym. She told me to come see her that night at the Honey Pot, but I just laid around the hotel and called up the little chick I hung out with earlier in the trip. She was a bit mad at me for leaving and butterflying, but she understood that I was asshole falang on holiday.

– Went there and visited with the owner who knew of my friends that we went with. Turns out this friend ended up having his name on the walls of a few of the go go’s we visited. The Classroom was a bit quiet that night, so we didn’t stay long.

Classroom Soi 2 – We went to see the “hose beating” show at this one then decided to leave after that. One of my boys and me had to stick around though and try the ST room out. The girl I had was a little cutie that was very good in bed. She gave me her number and I wanted to call her the next day, but called someone else instead.

Jolly Roger – My friend took me over here because he had met a farm fresh girl a day or 2 before and wanted to see her again. She was gorgeous, and spoke zero English. We probably rang the bell 3 times a piece over there, but the tab wasn’t too bad with it being such a small bar. The owner was pretty drunk and seemed to be having a good time like the rest of us. I took one of the girls there for ST. Nice girl, but the body was a bit rough after the clothes came off.

FLB – Just went for a short time that one night. Didn’t feel like dealing with the psycho TG BS. Too bad too because I had a great time there last trip and met some good people.

Kitten Club – We went here again after the first Jolly Roger night and turned the place out. There were 3 of us and 2 girls and none of us really drank much. What we did was buy 6 bottles of tequila to have all of the working girls take shots from. Of course the ladyboys were encouraged to drink up as well. There was titties and ass flying all over the place. It was one of the best nights there. I think we made it on the wall as the new “Tequila Kings”. Check Jason, Bus, and Micah the next time you’re there.

Sabai Dee Inn/Room – Whichever one was on the opposite side of the street as BigC. This was my first soapy and I really wasn’t sure what I could do with the girl. She had a great body though with some of the nicest tits I have ever seen…and real. Hands down better than most of the ladyboys in Patts tongue.gif I got the washdown, BJ and sex and gave her a 2-300 baht tip…can’t remember.

Soi 6 – Went here 1 night just to see what was up with the place…definitely more of an afternoon type place to visit. It was dead around 11pm and seemed pretty grimy. I’ll check it out during the day on another trip.

– Went here on the last day of the trip. I don’t know if the day shift blows or I was just that drunk the last time I ate there, but it was a pretty shitty meal and the margaritas were way too sweet, but then again that’s what I get for eating Mexican in Thailand.

Street food – I ate a lot just like last trip, but fortunately never had any stomach problems. I did however have a tonsil infection while there, got sick as a dog, but a little Thai girl and some antibiotics cleared me up in a day.

Pictures – Didn’t get near as many as I wanted. Ended up leaving my camera at my buddies apartment for the first 3/4 days…got it back and it was ruined after the Koh Larn trip. Not too bad though because I ended up with a lot nicer camera…smaller and better quality. Plus this trip I just didn’t really have the touristy urge to take pics of everything…at least until I got back to Iraq.

Karaoke – This is where we took the Honey Pot mamasan and the little cutie. It was the Sabai something karaoke place. My friends had no clue that you could sing in private rooms. Same same Japan I told them. We had a blast…scared the staff I believe. I wanted to stay longer and see what would happen with mama, but I couldn’t wait any longer and left with the youngin’.

– Took my first trip to Cherry Bar this time. Didn’t stay too long, just had a drink or 2 and chatted with a few girls. One of the girls who had some sort of an Indian look to her was beautiful. Maybe I’ll talk to her next time. Nice place to relax and have a drink.

Massages – I got quite a few legit massages on this trip. I can’t remember any of the names, but 3 stood out. One was on 2nd rd near soi 2 (I know…that’s a huge help). I just remember them smearing tons of “leg mayonnaise” on all of us and everyone in the place was laughing their ass off the entire massage. A “blind massage” place in Jomtien with blind masseuses. The best was directly across from the Marriot on 2nd rd. They had me passes out and drooling on myself with those damn toe fuck sticks. Good stuff.

The girl who left the door open – Forgot about this. About 3 days later she calls and asks me if I have her purse. I let her know that I turned it in to the hotel lobby. She told me she wanted to get it from me…I kind of saw this coming. She said she’d call back in about 10mins. I go down and get the purse and head back to the room. She calls and I tell her I have it. She says ok and shows up at my door less than 1 min later. I’m thoroughly confused, but find out that she’s actually staying in the Sunshine with her BF. Apparently she saw him that morning and gave him some story I guess. He’s her sponsor so she was with him now. She tells me that “Him go gym for train boxing and he gone maybe 1hr”. Wow…instant hard on, I tell her no ploblem because it won’t take me long at all. She’s naked in no time and begging for it…I flip her over and take in all that is her perfect pussy and ass…it was ridiculous. Not many strokes later we were finished. I gave her the 500baht she never got the first night and 500 for the quickie. She said him go gym again tomorrow maybe 3pm. I said it’s a date, but I ended up being somewhere else the next day and never ran into her again. Probably some of the best pussy I’ve ever had…I’m in a trance writing this.

Total for the trip – A lot…somewhere around there. I know the board members love to hear prices.
ST – 500
LT – 1000, 2000 for the pick from the Honey Pot
Hell Club – 3600? Right around there
Hotel – Sunshine:1275 or something a night, Koh Larn: around 1700 for the night
Booze – once again this is where most of my money goes…I’m a lush
Brother – bought his ticket, room, girls, and drinks for 5 days

It was beyond wild, but I doubt I’d ever do it like I did this time as far as spending money goes.

Hopefully the ramblings weren’t too incoherent…this trip was very different then the last and the memories will always be there. Currently working on my next vacation…hopefully in January. I’d love to stay 3-6 months…just not too sure how to work it with me being younger, single, and not working in LOS.

Check out a couple of vids at The Definitive Guide to Thailand, I’ll try to add more tonight after work

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