Pattaya Seafood – Too Much Expensive :(

22 October

Wake up with no special plans for the day. Kinda just lounge around and don’t really get up until 3pm. About that time Randy “Oneday” calls to see if I’m up for anything. I suggest lunch and Soi 6…he agrees. I forgot…I did intend on going to Cherry’s restaurant in the evening for their Thursday night buffet. It was highly recommended by itishotiniraq.

After eating at the hole in the wall we left for the sex soi around 5:45. Very quickly we step into My Friend You bar on the left. I wasn’t exactly enamored with the lady, but it was early and I figured I’d have a few while on Soi 6. I think her name was Dan, or Tan, but I had a drink and took her upstairs. She was decent and the job got done.

After leaving her bar I went to the Red Light Club where Randy was supposed to be. On the way I was stopped by the best looking chick I’ve seen on Soi 6. She brought her arsenal with her too. She want me come bar so she can take care, she want fuck me good, she want smoke my cock, she want me cum her mouth…Like a retard I told her maybe later and walked away. I should have just done the deed and left my wingman. I looked back a few steps down and she was fucking the air like some crazed sex banshee. She was very near the Soho bar, had long black hair, light skin, but had a small chip on one of her teeth that’s easy to spot up close. I asked in the Red Light Club if there was a sexy older gentleman with white hair in the bar. The lady said she think he went upstairs…sounded like Randy to me.

So the new one comes in with me to keep me company for a while. She’s very keen on the boomsing and she’s cute to boot. I however am a bit tired and not really wanting her at the moment. Her name was Party. Finally Randy calls, or I call him and I find out he’s just finished in a different bar and on his way down. He comes in to let me know he needs to go back to his place to meet his girl…guess I was the one stranded sad.gif

I call it quits as well and head back to Jomtien and meet up with the midget. I decide that I’m not really that hungry, at least not hungry enough for the buffet at Cherry’s. This is my most costly of all the mistakes I’ve ever made in Pattaya. I come up with the great idea that we’ll go back to Walking Street for more seafood and I’ll bring my camera along to take a pic of the biggest lobster on WS.

So after getting dropped off be the taxi we took at left at Rolling Stone 2 bar and checked out the seafood restaurants. The biggest lobster we found was at the Fair Food restaurant. What we didn’t realize at the time was that the average price of the king lobster was 4 times the price of the other WS seafood restaurants. A fact that wouldn’t make itself apparent to us until the bill came. Now…don’t get me wrong, it was good and all, but not even fucking close to being worth the price. I’ll just say this. I’ve paid for dinner for 2 at in Tampa, FL, which is considered one of the best steakhouses in the States and it was cheaper than this place.

Lobster before

Lobster after

After getting the bill and double-checking prices at the other places I was pretty fucking pissed…oh well, can’t fault anybody but myself. Time to move on 🙂 We went to the Candy Shop to shoot a couple of games of pool untill heading back to the room.

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