Checking Into Pattaya

June 26

Woke up and had another round with J before saying goodbye. Took a taxi from Mr. Toom down to Pattaya and to the Amari Nova Suites on the soi back behind Big C. I gotta say, usually I just go for the a/c, fridge, and bed. This is really all I need, but I really liked the Amari Suites for their price, and the fact that they’re back by themselves a bit.

Sukhumvit Before I Left

Amari Pics

Amari Pattaya

Amari Pattaya

Itishotiniraq, his lady, and a young lady I usually spend my nights with while in town met us while checking in and we all checked out the rooms and sat around for a sec before leaving. Itishot had stayed there before and recommended it. He’s pretty picky about his rooms so I figured theyed be nice when I booked them and they definitely were.

Me, my friend, another J girl, itishot, and his lady all left together in his new space car (was really counting on the lambo) and headed over to his new place at View Talay. It was a pretty cool little set up with its own pool and everything. It would definitely make living in Pattaya easy.

After checking out the crib we went to the Great American Rib Shack on Threppasit road where we all enjoyed very tasty grub that came in huge helpings.

We decided to go to the Honey Pot on soi 2 to wash down our dinner. I brought a bottle of Blue Label I’d picked up in Qatar, for a lot cheaper than I’ve seen before, to do a little mixing. We just kinda sat around and hung out a bit, said hi to a few old friends. I told my girl she could wait at the hotel if she wanted while I took my friend down to Walking Street and showed him around a bit. She was cool with that and she and itishot’s girl left together.

My friend ended up getting together with a girl from the Honey Pot via mamasan which left me to prowl a bit before heading back to the hotel. I said goodbye to itishot, rolled out on a baht bus with my friend and his new lady friend, and made sure she’d show him WS before I got out on soi 7.

I went to say a quick hi to the owner of the Luxor Bar before heading over to soi 8 to say hi to some other old friends. Stayed for a few drinks in the Chalaos bar and played some pool…losing very badly and being very tipsy by then. My payment for losing was taking the Thai guy who works there and beat me in pool to a couple of gogos to stare at some cuties. I always thought he was a bit feminine, but he assured me he liked girls. I left him in a gogo and headed back to soi 8 where I stopped into the Cherry Bar to say hi to Adam and Mild.

I can’t say I remember too much about this night as I was very drunk by then. I do remember Mild looking as cute as she always is, and Adam for that matter. She also seemed to have lost a bit of weight (she’s always had a bit of extra padding).

As far as getting home I don’t really know. I don’t like getting that way, but with only 6 days in Thailand I was going to make sure I got as much as I could out of it.

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