Bang Saen and Monkey Mountain

21 October

Woke up with a really shitty hangover. Also, had a plan in works to get the longtime GFE out of the condo. I told her that I was going to go with some falangs to Bang Chang for some daytime fun. I told her I’d need to meet them in town so we took off for the taxi stand. On the way I realized that I’d “forgotten” my phone in the room and told her to just go ahead without me. What was in play was a trip to Bang Saen that Mr. Dream had set up for me that included a massage girl along for the trip.

“massage” girl

Mrs. Dream shows up with the VIP bus and the massage girl. The massage girl’s name is Nicky and does not come recommended 😐 I’ll get into that later. The trip took about 45 minutes. Drinks and food were provided for me on the trip up. The whole time the massage chick just sat over near the other door and barely had anything to say. I’m a bit curious as to what her cut was…because all she did was ride in the car. The first place we hit was Monkey Mountain. It’s not much, just a road with lots of monkeys, but I still had a really good time just playing around with them and feeding them various foods. I thought it was one of the coolest parts of my trip so far.

rain in Sriracha on the way up


some hansum man feeding monkey

view from monkey mountain

After Monkey Mountain I wanted to try one of the oyster bars Mr. Dream had told me about. The view was nice, and the oysters were great. After that, we headed back to Pattaya. On the way we passed a really nice looking temple, but didn’t stop. It was getting late and it was still raining which was a bit of a downer. When we showed up to my condo Nicky asks “You want me go your loom?”. Seriously…did I even need to ask, I thought that was her job. If you’re not fond of massaging, or sucking dicks for money…whichever one it is she does, then don’t take a job where one of those will be part of the work. She’d already told me she used to work in the Turkish sex trade, so I’m sure doing whatever it is she does here would be a relief compared to working in Turkey. So I bring her to the room and she tells me she only knows how to do oil massage and not Thai massage. I ask her if she has any oil and she says no…so I tell her to go…waste of my time. I didn’t really care if she put out or not…I just wanted the damn massage that I’d paid for originally. To Mr. Dream’s credit he told me he was sorry and he would send another girl with me on my return trip to BKK, but I told him I’d rather just go alone and get the service over with.

view from oyster bar in Bang Saen

So after that I called my longtime staying with me and let her know I’d made it back from Bang Chang. Once she got back we lazed around the room for a second before going out to Walking Street. Basically, the oysters in Bang Saen got me craving some more seafood, so we went to the Tankay restaurant right when you get on WS. We ordered 10 giant oysters, her some small mussels, and I ordered a big grilled king lobster. The lobster was huge. The meat we got out of it was like 2 Thai forearms setting next to each other in the tail. Plus it came with a salad, french fries, and fried rice. They also have a different sort of sauce they use instead of the usual butter sauce.

After that we had a drink or 2 at a couple of gogos and went back to Jomtien.

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