Pattaya Lolitas

19 October

So I wake up feeling a little groggy, but quickly shake that off with a shower. Randy “TR Writing Machine” Oneday is going to meet me for lunch with Ray the “Rayman” (forgot the number Ray, sorry) at the hole in the wall on Soi Buakhao. I hop on a motorbike taxi to get there. I could take 2 baht buses for 20 baht, but I’d rather use the MBT because it’s quicker, no stopping for others, and he can take me straight there in one trip. We have a pretty good meal there. I have the green water plants w/rice and a tiger for like 85 baht. We just caught up from the last time we saw each other and decided we’d meet up later that night.

I really needed a battery charger for my camera and figured I could swing by Royal Garden to pick on up. That’s where I bought my last one because I’d lost another before this one. Of course Royal Garden doesn’t have one. They even call somebody to check, but they’re all out they say. It would’ve been nice though if they let me know they’d called because that was my next stop and yes, they were out as well. They called somebody as well, but they let me know it was BigC and they had them in stock. Well…they kinda did. They had a universal adapter that’s bulky, cheapy, and is expensive. Oh well, it’s now or never. I buy it, but realized later on I should have just went to Tukcom. They probably would’ve made me one if they couldn’t find anything that worked.

Jetted back to the room for a second to freshen up and drop the charger off. Soon after I took another MBT to Lolitas on Soi LK Metro. I hear some cat calling and it’s Ray and Randy over at the ??? hotel bar, can’t remember the name. So we figure out what we’re going to do. Oneday has a girl to meet later and me and Rayman decide to go to for some pool and possibly a bj. We end up doing both…and more. At first I got stuck with a fat fatty, but after a few drinks she went away and I eyed a nice, slim, little one. She looked like she’d rode her bicycle over from the trailer park. Me likey. Her name is Sara. So we go upstairs and after a few minutes of sucking I kind of knew it wasn’t going to happen with a bj, so I asked if she wanted boom boom and she smiled and said ok. Cool, that did the trick. After that we went back downstairs and played some pool after Rayman came back down (he was my upstairs neighbor). From there we decided we’d check out the Windmill club on the Shark Soi.

I’m a big fan of the place and so’s he. Before getting there though we stopped at the Bamboo bar on Pattaya Tai right down from Walking Street to meet his friend. I’ve never been to this bar before, but Rayman and his friend told me that this is a great place for freelancers…something I think I’ll look into more later in the trip. His friend decided to stay there with a girl of his and me and Ray walked down to Windmill. It was packed. I guess others had the same idea as we did. I wanted to go there and take about 3 girls upstairs, but didn’t have time to find 3 good ones. There wasn’t much room for us, but we had a couple of drinks while shooting the shit. He actually ended up meeting a bloke he knows from another one of the boards. I got a call from a guy I’m doing some business with and had to take it. I was supposed to be by a computer when he called, but kind of forgot about it. I told Ray I needed to take off to handle this and raced back to the condo.

The phone call was a bit anti-climactic. It just cut into my fun time was all it did. By then though my longtime came back to the room and I figured I’d take her into town for the last bit of the night left. We stopped in FLB to say hi, but Martin wasn’t around and we had a drink and left. From there I wanted to go to the Kitten Club to see if the old manager I knew might be working. He was…kind of. He had the night off, but he had actually came back to work about a week before. Cool…I got his new number and stepped out to have a drink or 2 in the Classroom across the street. Nobody there I knew either, so we walked down to Soi Yamato to see if anything was still open. Pretty much everything had closed down, but we did find Subs N Suds. I wanted some of this the night before, but it was too late to order. So we went in and ordered a lot of stuff. It was all fucking great. Greasy meat, cheese, jalapenos, everything was perfect for a drunk at this time of night.

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