Pattaya – Quietly Slipping Away

27 October

After a pretty fun night I was content to relax for the day. It being my last night in Pattaya and all. We still had a good amount of food so my small friend decided to cook up what she could. She made some yellow chicken curry, some sort of Thai omelette, and some fried chicken type stuff. It was all really good even though I wasn’t that hungry. When I’d shown up the night before I took what was left of the hamburger meat, mixed it with seasonings, egg, and breadcrumbs and made 2 huge burgers that even she liked, which is saying something.

I got a call from crazyfox who is my friend that I went to the tiger zoo with. I’d just forgotten his board name. He wanted to meet at the Great American Rib place on Thepprasit Road around 6:30 – 7ish. When he called I was at a camera shop trying to sell a video camera I’d bought about a month before. I never even really used it so figured I’d just sell it if I could instead of bringing it back to Afghanistan. The guy at the camera shop liked it, but couldn’t afford it. He called around for me, but said I wouldn’t be able to get much for it and suggested I try the net. When I got back to the room I put up a couple of threads on some boards to see if any members wanted it. It was a very nice camera a ()

I lucked out and did get a buyer who agreed to meet later on in the night. I call crazyfox and told him I’d rather get some seafood instead of BBQ…he was ordering at the Pizza Company…hmmm, thanks for letting me know 😛 Ok, so I headed to Walking Street to meet my girl at a restaurant. I waited for her to show up before ordering and shooting back over to Jomtien and back (I’d forgotten the camera). The food was ready when I got back and we chowed down and later met crazyfox and his girl at the restaurant. They ordered as I was finishing, so I now had to wait for them to eat…even though they’d just got done. C’mon crazyfox…you were killing me then, I just wanted to leave. Anyways, after that we went to the FLB where I’d meet the buyer. I hope he enjoys it and I hope he was able to use it for what he intended (maybe he can let me know 😉 ) I was also able to meet 2Dangerous and Mr.Freeze from the board. Nice guys…sorry I didn’t make the party on the 24th, just needed a night off.

After that we just went to Soi 2 again to listen to some music. Crazy and his girl left after a while and mine stuck it out with me while we just hung out and watched the band. I feel bad now though because the nicer thing to do would probably be to spend some quality time with her since it was our last night. Especially since Esco made me feel bad about going out every night while she stays in the room 😛 We finally did crawl back to the condo together and made our own music before going to sleep.

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