The Road of Excess Leads to…

I’m going to interrupt the 4th trip report to bring you the 7th which I’m currently doing right now.  Here goes…

13 October

I arrive in Dubai in the afternoon. I will have 2 nights in Dubai before I go to LOS.

First thing was to shower, shave, get haircut (1800 baht haircut/shave), and figure out what to do. I’m at the hotel. No clue what district it’s in, but it’s not bad for the price. Inside is 6 different restaurants/bars. There’s an Indian place, a Filipino place, and English place with a good pool table, and a few others.

I arrived with 2 friends who decided to come at the last minute. They were at a different hotel and I never was able to reach them for the night…oh well. I hung out in the English place and played some pool. While there I met a few dudes who do work in the Middle East. One of the guys was going to a different club and I tagged along. We went to the hotel. Tons of hot blondes, mostly English and American chicks.

I bowed out early and headed for the sinful hotel. Instead of going upstairs I just decided to have a drink in the floor bar. Not in a seat for 20 seconds before I get hunted down by 2 Chinese ladies of the night. Already working out as I wanted, I told them to grab us a table while I got my drink. Having never “been” to China before I was kind of planning on some Chinese pussy for the night anyways.

They start with 7200 baht for the 2 of them and I tell them that 5400 sounded a bit more fair to me. They agreed and off to their room we went. Bing Bang Boom, nothing special, but was a good time for all. They were both a bit older and nothing to write home about, but they took care of my pretty good. I headed back to my room and passed out on the bed.

Today I’ve gone to the consulate to add passport pages. Extremely easy process, the hardest part was finding a taxi driver that knew where to go. More to come tonight…can’t make my mind up on Africa, Russia, or the PI. Time will tell.



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