Straight to Pattaya – Trip 4


First time flying over here from the states. I took American Airlines to Tokyo, then JAL to BKK.

28 hours of travel…horrible.

Arrive in BKK at 11:25 pm. I ended up deciding to just head straight to Patts as I’ll visit a friend in BKK later on in the trip.

Arrive in Pattaya around 1:30 am. Get my room at the Sunshine on Soi 8. My reservation didn’t even come up in their system. I had to go to the internet cafe and print out the email. Then I find out my room’s got 2 beds…not what I ordered, but I just said screw it. Too tired and it’s only for 2 days.

Head down the Chalaos on Soi 8 to say hi to some friends. They kindly let me know that I now pompui. I agree…play some pool, catch a buzz and roll.

Go to Soi 7 so say hi to some people, stop in at the Foxy Lady bar. It’s the one across from the Eastiny that has a ping pong table. Have some fun with the girls and decide to barfine one of them and call it a night.

Got to bed around 7ish. Bathroom light’s flickering constantly and is off more than on…thanks Sunshine.

Woke up around 2pm. Felt pretty fucking beat. Find out that my camera’s battery is dead and I forgot to bring the charger. Also, laptop battery is dead and the Sunshine doesn’t have an adapter…wtf?

Anyways, despite all my bitching it’s been a pretty good day. Very lazy. I just told the girl she can stay again if she wants because I’m just going to sleep in all day and get rid of the jetlag.

Ran out of condoms, sent her for more. Drank a bit of Thai whiskey and had room service, which has always been really good here. The change wasn’t returned after one of my meals…20 baht, not a big deal at all…the thought would’ve counted though.

Now I’m writing this in the cafe while teerak sleeps. About to book a room at the Sandy Springs for a few days till I can find something off the beaten track a bit.

More to come…should be all rested up tomorrow and out and about to come up with some pics and bring the laptop online.

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