Pattaya Nightlife – Neverending


Got the night started at the Pig ‘n’ Whistle on Soi 7 around 8. Met up with Bruiser and his bros and chowed down before the big night out. Only ordered some Thai food as I didn’t want to be too full from a full English meal. The place was nice inside though…my first time there. Alien showed up and joined us right before we left

We headed up Soi 7 to 2nd rd and were going to stop at the Aussie bar with wicket chairs, but it was packed full. Not a problem though, there was another waiting for us very near. I believe it was the Red Inn. It’s the one that’s always got loud music and a lot of girls right on the street. Pretty soon we all had a lady to ourselves. Me being last…it’s hard to compete with all the huge Aussies. Maybe something in the water, I looked like a hobbit walking around with them. We just had a few drinks, but it was enough time for Bruiser to play with the massive tits on some dancing chick.

Next we hopped off the bahtbus near Sois 4/3. I think the first place was the . I’ve seen a few negative posts about this bar, but we only stayed a bit and had a decent time. There were definitely a few good looking girls that we figured could be making big money down on Walking st. I just drank and played pool. The girl that I was talking to looked mixed and turned out to have a fucking great ass that I just wanted to take a bite out of and see how the taste was. She seemed a bit starfishy though so I knew I’d be moving along soon. She claimed to have only been working bar for a week. Previously being a salon girl. Later found out she had some Indian in her.

Indian booty chick

Hit a few more bars in that area before going to Soi 2. A girl I knew from the Classroom beerbar told me she was having her birthday party even though I was sure she’d said the same shit last month. The place was dead so I just planned on going back later instead of dragging the group in. Next stop was the Honey Pot. Also dead, but at least it had nice A/C. Instead of hitting more bars it was decided that we’d be off to Walking st. One of Bruiser’s friends decided to give big assed Indian chick a try. The other friend hopped off to go to his room before we got to WS. We went straight to FLB so I could ask Martin a visa question. Once there I asked my question and we also had a few drinks with Hairloss.

Pretty soon Alien and myself were ready for some gogo action. The other guys had other things up their sleeves and then it was down to 2. I let Alien know I was down with the sleaze and I believe he was too. The first place was the Xzone place on Soi 16. I believe the 2 for 1 drink ticket got us in there. Only been there once before for some banana and bottle action. I definitely failed by not taking any pics or vids at this place. Alien sat us down directly in the fire of pussy ice. It was coming out of nowhere and was going all over the place. We bought them some tequila and were treated with the hose. Alien made sure there was nipple/lime finishing touches. I wish it was a real hose. We did the best we could to beat the shit out of these freaks. It’s kinda hard to get those things up any orifices. Next I had an idea pop off. I ordered another round of tequila for the “ladies”. I had my girl bend over and present that ass for her sister. I then proceeded to pour the shot down the crack of her ass while the other girl lapped it out of her asshole. Then Alien repeated the process with the girls reversed.

Sad to go we headed out with a new appreciation of the place. While passing the Hot Tuna Pool Bar near the Simon beerbar complex I was jumped by something I was diggin. She stepped out of nowhere and gave me a hug. She looked up at me with her little doe eyes, braces (not fashion), short hair, and dicksuckers that would make any Filipina jealous. I just said “herro, u give me number”. 5 seconds later and Bam was on the cell. We made 1 round in Insomnia before heading back out. Just too damn packed for me. I did get molested while in there which I never mind. It’s a great place to spend less than 5 minutes at, reach a hand out, and pluck one for the room. Next was Windmill where sleaze abounds. We had a drink and played with some pussy until the drinks finished.

It was getting late now and we hadn’t really found too much that interested us. Alien was keen on some chick and some bar I can’t remember, but it was a great find for 5am. I got a call from “j” who’d I’d let go of earlier in the morning. She let me know she’d seen me on WS. I was rubbernecking trying to find out where from and finally read through the lines that she’d seen my in Insomnia. I said fuck it, called Bam and asked if she was ready to roll. She was so I bid farewell to Alien. I just about scratched my ladyboy itch a few times between that bar and Bam’s. Some very convincing ones that time of morning. I met up with Bam and we caught a taxi back to the hotel. Once in and showered she was a bit shy which put me off some, but after some foreplay she was rearing to go. Before and during fucking our lips never left I think. She was like a hoover. They did separate eventually when it was time to beat from the back. Not sure how much ass slapping, hair pulling, ass spelunking she was used to, but seemed to really come out of her shell.

Everything was quiet after boomboom. She passed out while I watched tv for a couple of hours. We woke up in the afternoon. She was being really shy and shit again. I had to change rooms and after we moved we just layed around a bit. She didn’t seem into it, so I told her it was time to go. I didn’t mind too much though, sometimes you just don’t really click with ’em. Maybe she was just drunk the night before.


After Bam left I received a text from Kung2 from Oasis. She had a night off and wanted to see me. I wasn’t sure at first and told her I’d call later. After laying around with a very shitty hangover and having a bit of a cold I messaged her and told her to come on over. She’s got a very tight body for a 31 year old, has a vice grip for a pussy, and screams like a banshee when she comes. I wanted to take her out to the Beer Garden because I was a bit hungry, but decided to stay in when she showed up in her Sunday cleaning gear. No pompem…she was naked and in the shower within 5 minutes. We sat around bullshitting for a second until she reached for little Jason. After some very nice bj action I knew I probably wouldn’t last too long in her tightness…also she had told me she hadn’t fucked for 10 days. So I just got some very rough head while fingering her. I blew all over her face and chest 10 minutes later. Mission accomplished and round 2 ready for engagement.

We relaxed some more until I was ready for the condom. I wore her out the best I could, but she’s a tough old bird and hung in there. After this I figured I’d probably not keep her over all night and she got the hint a bit later. She’s nice and cool, but just talks a lot while I try to watch tv. While she was in bed I got a call from “j”. I waited until Kung left until I called “j” back. She asked how I was and I told her I was sick and hungry. She left the bar right away with some street food. We just lounged around and ate and watched tv together. I ended up coming down with a nasty cold that I think she may have given me a few days before. I passed out early not wanting any boomboom.


Woke up to a very horny lady that pretty much raped me. I felt horrible by now and just wanted my sinuses to stop kicking me in the face. I should have just gotten the fuck up and went to the doctor, or had her because she asked a couple of times. Instead I stayed home all day. She played with my dick for about 1/3 of the day wanting to bone. I gave her another later on, but really didn’t feel like it. We’re more friends anyways in my book. She’s cool, but I don’t really feel extremely attracted to her anymore. She’s cute and small and dudes are always checking her out…I think it’s that I just trust her most out all the other girls. We ate at the hotel restaurant and ended up on Soi 7 with her friends and then to her bar so I could play pool. She hasn’t been working this month, so I haven’t messed about with any barfines.

We grabbed some food and headed back to the room. She’s passed out, I’m typing this with tissue shoved up my nose looking like a penis. Have to wake up early to go to Jomtien in the morning…doubt it though.

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