Enjoying the Pattaya Flavors

I’d forgotten to mention that on the night of the 5th I ended up at Classroom 2 gogo where Mr. Boonsong bought me and teerak copious amounts of shots. Always fun in his places.


First order of business was to pay my bill at the Cherry Bar. It ended up being only 120 baht which come to find out was in my pocket the whole time. Mr. Song really did me in with the shots. Guess we went to the Beer Garden again that night.

The plan was to go check out a room that Song was gonna rent me cheap cheap. It’s in the Lec pub n restaurant. Anybody been before? It’s on Soi 17 though and I decided I’d rather look around Soi Bukhao or Diana.

After laying around for a bit we headed down to Tequila Reef for lunch. Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. There were 2 tables of customers in the place with 4 girls working and it took about 5 mins before we were even noticed. Then it was like pulling teeth to get service. Oh well…not like I had anything else to do. So I just chilled and drank a few margaritas. Oh, was shorted one baht. Didn’t care though…kinda laughed at the fact that I could have cooked and served it all myself in less time and these chicks can’t even take the time to do the math right. Buuut, fuck it, I’m in Patts and have zero worries.

Fish tacos (I couldn’t get guacamole for these unless I ordered chip n dip w/guacamole…wow)

Stuffed burrito

After TR ended up back in the room to tack a nap. The tacos did a number on me. The plan for the night was to take a friend’s lady out with us and show her a good time. The plan had changed sad.gif

I passed out until 8 when I realized that I wasn’t going to make it out that night. I called the friend and let her know that I was sleeping in and she was gonna kick it with us all day the next day.

I was in and out of sleep until about 3 am where I was treated to a little good morning session. Then she went outside and brought back 10 lbs of food like always because she always hungly.

I had about 4 very different and bizarre dreams and find that my mind was all over the place when I wasn’t asleep. The only thing I could think of was that I had taken a few Wakies during the day. Maybe it was just my subconscious telling me to get the hell out of bed and stop being a puss.

View from the balcony

Today should be a bit more eventful with more pics n what not. There’s a party on the 8th which should be sure to have a good story to go with.

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