TR 6 – Part 4

August 27 – September 2

Gonna try to wrap this TR up in this 1 post. The day by day in Pattaya is a bit hit and miss for me now…and probably then too 馃槢

After waking up lonely and with a shitty hangover I got my shit together to go down to Pattaya (yay!)

Took a taxi from the Toom and got dropped off at the and kslay stayed at the Amari Nova Suites again.

I only reserved my room for 1 night and knew I’d be looking for a new place the next day. I got the deluxe suite online for about way too much THB. I didn’t care, felt like splurging a bit for the night and boy did I. It had 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, kitchen, living room. One thing that irked me though was that their internet was giving me problems and they couldn’t fix it until the morning when they had a tech guy. I’ve stayed at the 400baht a night Sawasdee Pattaya across the street and never had internet problems, but the 4,000baht a night room can’t hack it…fuck.

Swee…err, Suite

Either way I met an old time friend there…she’s about 5ft tall, about 105lbs. As soon as she made it into the door she was carried to the couch where the choking would commence…shortly after the shorts were dropped, panties pulled aside and the riding lesson would begin. Shortly after it was flip over, bend over, and get ready for the babies to be released. Nice, quick, and out of the way…it was time to freshen up real quick and go see my boy itishotiniraq.

We chilled out at his place for a few hours and I had my first real hamburger for the first time in a long time. I ended up having 4 plus a hot dog. I needed it 馃榾

Afterwards I headed down to Walking Street to meet Bruiser and Alien at the FLB. After some catching up and introducing them to kslay we headed out to X-Zone as it was Alien’s last night in town. I knew he enjoyed X-Zone as much as me, but maybe more (bit of a perv you Aussies are eh?) I like the place and got the number of a sexy thing who was a bit more shy than your average girl there. Her name is Da and she’s about 22ish. She’s got a big ‘ole fat camel toe pussy for you that like that. Sadly I never got to see anymore of it than that night…once again…maybe another trip. After leaving X-zone I called it a night and went back to the hotel.

One of the plans this trip was for kslay to get a little work done on his new site . This would involve getting some t-shirts made, getting pictures taken of some girls, and throwing a party. T-shirts were made a bit before the party. Randy “Oneday” would come in for the photoshoot. The shoot was set up in the Amari Nova Suite hotel. Some shot were taken on the balcony, some on the bed, and the rest at the pool on the roof. 4 girls turned out for the shoot with 3 being used in the end. 4 other girls were scouted by a ladyfriend of kslay’s and were met by us at Marine Disco. They were all cute and I don’t think any of them worked in a bar or gogo…can’t remember. Their pictures are not on the site yet, but soon will be.

The party was thrown on our last night in town and was pretty fun. I really liked the food 馃槈 it was all falang food and all good. a link to the thread with pictures.

I made it down to soi6 once with kslay, Oneday, and elcubanito who’d been hanging out with Randy lately. I was able to squeeze 2 in for the duration of our trip…wanted more, but had a party to attend. It was the birthday of kslay’s ladyfriend. The 2 girls I had on soi6 were both pretty solid. The first was Pom from some bar on the left if you’re walking from 2nd road…I never can remember the bar names. We all sat around and had a drink for a little bit. At first I wasn’t really feeling it for a ST, but then said fuck it why not when the lady seemed pretty interested…interested enough that showed she’d aim to please, which she did. Nothing special, but a good lay still. Right down the road I was sucked in again by Far who I’d seen about 2 days before, but didn’t have time to stop. She just stared at me with these coal black eyes and let me know that I’d promised I’d see her again…which I did. I went it, had a very quick drink and right upstairs we went. She wouldn’t stop staring and seemed horny as hell. A lot of playing in the shower and back to the room where she forced me into her. She was as tight as I’d ever had in Pattaya and seemed like she needed it bad (or just the money really quickly of course). Well, it didn’t take much for me to score the second nut of the soi because she was really into it. Supposedly I was her first customer of the day and she was really horny…worked for me. I was a bit surprised because I’d only stepped out of the other bar about 15 minutes earlier. I definitely took her number and will see her again in the future.

This trip my friend had been interested in trying out the Devil’s Den. I, of course, did not mind playing tour guide for that one. We went over one evening around 6pm. He got the spiel from the manager and then the girls came in…ouch. Not much of a selection. I think there were only 7 girls that lined up. I picked one with a huge pair of tits and told her to pick her friend. Neither was much of a looker, but like always both were good performers. I ended up showering them twice and gave up on the third since I figured it just wasn’t going to happen…not without creating blisters at least. My friend enjoyed the service, but wasn’t too keen on the looks of the girls…overall we were both satisfied though. Pretty sure and were the 2 chicks I took. Hom had an asshole that can only be called the “Milking Machine” rawr! One of them tried to slip something up my out-hole, but was quickly corrected.

Hom and Pueng

Non P4P – Me and kslay went to the driving range near 3rd road one of the days. It was fun, but made me want to do some real golfing. We had planned on it, but that day had rain written all over it and of course it did while we were at the range.

One of the days in Patts I met up with the cartoonist Mike Baird at the Pattaya Beer Garden to pick up a logo I’d purchased from him. I found out that the cartoonist gig was actually something he picked up in Thailand. Before that he was a very accomplished artist in England and America. He’s a great guy and it was fun talking to him. Very positive attitude and I liked that he’s welcomed all the changes that have came about in Patts.

Had to take 1 night off while I was in town to hang out with itishotiniraq and play a little SOCOM. I’m terrible at it, but it was pretty fun still.

Went to a friends house for some seafood dinner. I brought them a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue I’d picked up on Pattaya Klang and a bottle of champagne. They seemed to enjoy both and even had bought a bottle of Red for the occasion themselves. They do love to drink their scotch.

Eating with the locals

As usual…I didn’t really get to do as much as I wanted…I will be back mid October to remedy that though. Only stopped into Cherry Bar twice this trip. Once to say hi to Adam and Mild (who I haven’t gotten to see in a few trips) and the other to pick up Mild, but she hadn’t made it into the bar yet.

Oh yeah…the on 2nd road across from BigC is where I stayed. I just walked in and reserved the room at the front desk. I can’t remember the daily amount, but my check at checkout was 6,900baht. The rooms were nice, internet fast, staff friendly. Depending on the high season room costs I might stay again in October.

Ok…so that’s about if for the 6th TR. Pictures have been uploading while I’ve been writing this. I’ll add anything if it comes to me. Next trip will be for 2 weeks and I’m trying to think of some things to make it different from the rest.


Some sweet shit that was served at the Beach Road festival (had some Thai superstars and a ton of food for an entire weekend)

Pattaya So Sexy T-shirt

Voted Sexiest Man at Party by the customers…not sure what the girls thought

Some pics of Oneday doing his thang

The girls getting done up by the “boys”

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