Pattaya Nightlife – Good Stuff


Woke up and about cried when I realized it’d be another day of holiday. Ate some food via room service. Watched tv…talked to thai girl who said she want see me, but she stay Koh Larn and she’d call me later…whatever.

I called a chick I’d met the night before…the one who missed me at the hotel. She came over and we boomboom twice, hand over the 500baht and a new friend is made.

I walked around a bit as usual and picked up a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. A bit less than 500baht total. Got them on the little markets on 2nd rd.

Went back to loom to shower/shave. Started out on Soi 8 drinking beer where they’d let me. Then moved to Soi 7 and went to the Amazing Paradise bar to shoot pool and say hi to some people. Hardly anybody was selling alcohol on Soi 7 so it didn’t take long for me to move along.

Went to 2nd rd and stopped in at Hotties. I like this place a lot. I proceed to down wodka nam soms like a mad man. About every other drink I’d get a shot of tequila for me and the little fat girl. I played pool like always and met a nice Scottish fella who’d only play with one hand…he did pretty good that way. Next was an English chap who had the upper hand. Come to find out he was one of the owners. I continued to inebriate myself as much as possible, ended up buying the band shots then left. Moved on to the bar where one lady tried to stiff me 500baht. Played pool with the cool chick that reminded me of a Cambo girl.

Finally I stumbled into Papagayo coyote club and chatted up a girl who I barfined a bit later and headed to loom.

Sorry about the lack of pics guys…just not to click happy I guess. I’ve already “met” 2 ladies today and have yet to snap any pics. I’ll see if I can come up with some before the night’s out.

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