Dream Teen Massage


Woke up with horrible hangover. Said bye to the girl from Papagayo. Went downstairs to get the day started. Just sat down for a bit outside to have some food and do some people watching.

Breakfast of champions

Soi Diana

Next it was off to Lolitas for a wake up call. The girl’s name was Maem. Not the greatest looking, but I wasn’t really interested in that at the moment. Upstairs for bbbj and boomboom. 1000baht.

Right after that it was straight to . Read a few good reviews of the place and wanted to check it out. This place was great. I grabbed a Heineken and ordered the 2 hour Thai and balls massage. The girl was 25, good looking, pleasant, and good Engrish. After the balls massage she asked if I want special. I asked about the price. Not sure, but she mentioned something about 1500 for everything. I had already paid 600 for the massage. I just needed to fuck…bad. I say I need atm…baht low. She said no pompem.

Next was a very long and nice bbbj and then boomboom. Good shit. I give her 500baht and go downstairs. Nothing’s ever mentioned about the boomboom. A lady shows me to the nearest ATM. Then I realize I left my glasses in the room and head back to get them. That’s it, walk out the door a happy man.

Next order of business is to get drunk and find a nice lady for the night. Basically I just stumble from bar to bar drinking and having a bit of fun.

Scene at the Luxor bar on Soi 7

Finally I stop at the Classroom beer bar on Soi 2 and take a lady who I probably wouldn’t have if I was a bit sober. She looked decent…but around 40 (don’t drink so much)

Things got a bit hazy as the night went on. I think I went to Secrets off of Walking St. Not sure though. Can you guys verify?

secrets bar pattaya

secrets bar pattaya

That’s actually the first time I saw the pics and can now tell my self that it was in fact Secrets. I’m retarded. Either way I had a pretty good time there. After that back to the room.


Today I woke up with another crappy hangover. Said goodbye to the chick I barfined. Got a call from a regular of mine and told her to come on over. We sat around, go to the theater, eat at MK, then head to her bar for a little bit. I’m writing this after a few sessions and bout to hit the sack. I’m sure she’s burning up since I took the key 😛

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