Why Does Thai Customer Service Suck?

Bit of a rant, but my biggest pet peeve while staying here.

So today I go to Fuji inside BigC because I fancy a bit of Japanese.

Show up, no one to seat me (plenty of tables available), so I find my own seat. Before I did though I actually went right up to a waitress and said that I need a table for 1. She didn’t even look at me, totally ignored me. She was maybe 2 feet away.

Wow…ok, so I seated myself. I figured I’d see how long it would take to get a menu. Ended up being 10 minutes and that was because I got up and got it myself. The whole time I was trying to eye waitresses, hostesses, and bus-girls to no avail. Screw it, figured I’d find another place to eat. Nothing else that I really wanted, so I went back to see how’d they’d do the second time around.

Was seated by a waitress as soon as I walked in, nice…looking good so far. However, once I received my menu it took another 10 minutes for them to come to see what I wanted. Mind you there were around 10-12 tables with people eating. Not busy for them at all. I also noticed a Thai lady in the booth next to mine looking around and obviously being frustrated because nobody was around to server her. She would look around and shake her head like “what the fuck”.

Soo…the server finally showed up and took her order then took mine. I pointed out the set I wanted and said “Large beer please”. Server says “Ok kha”. “Would u like some drink”? Uh…yes please, large beer. Still having a dumbfound look on her face she pushed the drink menu towards me. I pointed to a large Asahi, but then she let me know that because it was between 2-5pm they weren’t serving alcohol. I left 🙁 Bought groceries and came back to the room.

The thing is though that I see stuff like this alllll the time here in Pattaya. I can’t say I’ve noticed it much in BKK, but I see it all the time in Pattaya. The only places that always have good customer service are the small shops serving Thai food and the outside venues that do the jim jum. They really take care of their customers, but never charge 10% service or VAT (Great American Rib does both…avoid them).

I think Thailand should outsource their customer service jobs to the Japanese. I figure with maybe 1-2years of training maybe around 1million monkeys the Japanese would clean up the bad customer service here 😛

Small things like this make me want to start looking for where the customer service is so much better than here.

Flame away…

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