Elvis Lives!…in Pattaya


Woke up around 9:15 to catch a tv show I missed the night before. Next I needed some breakfast, so I fired up the grill and threw some burgers on with a Tiger in tow.

Well fed and ready to get the day started I hit the pool for some exercise/relaxation accompanied by a few absinthe drinks. I knew there was nothing on the agenda until later in the evening when there would be 2 parties for us to attend. So being the patient man that I am I continued my drinking, eating, Thai girl playing throughout the day until we phoned the driver to let him know we’d be going into town soon.

Before setting out to town we dropped off my Thai girl at her room. I don’t mind staying with a chick for a while, but maybe it’s just me…I don’t like going around town with them. I’d rather go out and drink sans funtime lady. Plus, I’m sure she’d like to catch up with her own friends and motorbike taxi boyfriends.

We were then dropped off at Soi 8 to check out the Cloud 9 bar. I’d never been there, but walked past many times before. We met a friend of Itishotiniraq. Also we tried to catch as much of the Olympic opening ceremony as we could. After a few drinks it was off to the Cherry Bar’s 3rd anniversary party. First I stopped at the Chalaos bar to have a few drinks and say hallo. Then I followed Itishot to the Cherry where I was scolded a bit for not calling the daughter of one of the bartenders.

Apparently Elvis is still alive and well in Pattaya

We hung out there for a bit and tasted a bit of the party food (good stuff), then started for a party on Soi 2 and planning on returning. Our usual booth at the Classroom 2 was taken so we saddled up to the uncomfortable stools a bit closer to the stage. We said happy birthday to the bday girl n what not. Stayed for a few shots and drinks when we figured we should move on to Walking St.

We decided to hit up the Kitten Club for a second before going to Walking St. We ended up staying for an hour and had already become drunk. I called the lady to have her meet me there before we went to WS. I checked into the Classroom Agogo for a sec to say hi. The whole staff had been sabotaged by a group of Aussies and were all falling over drunk. Once on WS we went to the Candy Shop first. I took a piss and let Itishot stay there. It was just too crowded and loud for me then. Plus, I had a girl with me…if I was flying solo I would’ve stayed because it’s always filled with hotties.

I checked out Happy Agogo under recommendation from the ball n chain. She said that “lady here hab big mew”…fair enough, sounded like a decent place. I liked it a lot…just sat back and checked out the talent. Nice looking girls, most with great tits too. After an hour there we went to New Living Dolls 1 or 2…straight across from Happy. Only stayed a little bit as Itishot called and our driver would be near soon. Mixed a drink and hit the pool as soon as we arrived. It took about 10 seconds of wrestling around in the pool with my bed partner before she let me know that “she want go loom and fuk now”. Who am I to argue. After a very heated and drunk session we both pass out for the night. Another day in the books.

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