Pattaya Loungin’

JULY 11 – Pretty average day. Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Didn’t feel like laying in bed all day so left the room for an ATM.

No go for the first ATM so decided to try another and it didn’t work either. Hit the first internet cafe to hop on my bank’s site. I had ordered a new card before leaving the states, but haven’t activated it yet as the old one was good through August.

I noticed something about a 15 day cancellation after the replacement card was shipped so I hoped that was the case. Went back to loom, activated card, checked ATM, good to go.

Strolled down to Megabreak to play a few and drink a beer. The plan was to take it easy on the alcohol and just walk around. Walked around 2nd rd and hit up Soi 2, then to Sois 7 and 8. It took me about half an hour to get from Soi 2 to Soi 8 on the baht bus. I was in no hurry, but was wondering what in the hell was up with all the traffic.

Then the problem was revealed

Hit a few bars on Soi 8, then headed over for some pizza and pool at the Amazing Paradise bar. The pizza was from the Cosa Nostra Italian restaurant next to the bar. I’ve only had pizza at maybe 3 places, but it’s my favorite so far.

After some food and a few Tigers I decided to go back to the room and rest. There was to be a get together/crawl for the Pattaya Addicts members at Maxie’s bar on Soi 16.

When in the room I plugged up the laptop (which didn’t explode) to see how the in-room wifi was. Ended up being a lot faster than I thought. So I just surfed around and sent a few emails.

Showed up to drink a few at Megabreak where I had my ass handed to me by one of the local tournament playing Thai guys. They thought it was rather amusing, although I did beat him a few times…probably let me though.

Showed up to Maxie’s around 8ish to find a decent amount of people there. After having a few I decided that I just really didn’t feel like going to any gogos and wanted a quieter night. Took a ride to Soi 7, picked up the girl, drank too mutt on Soi 7 and 8. Proceeded to piss her off. We were both drunk and she new I had seen a friend of hers and said hi earlier. Somehow she had the impression that I wanted a 3some…which is cool with me, but I’d never said that.

We ended up in the room with food, but I couldn’t eat any. Passed out to later find she had scarfed it all down. She weighs about 100 pounds and is about 3 feet tall.

JULY 12 – Woke up to chower and do the deed. Told her I’d talk to her later tonight for some relaxation.

After sitting around watching tv and thinking about how much I’m not going to drink tonight I decided to give this WoW () thing a try. It’s pretty cool because you can just order from your room and have it brought to the door. So I decided to go all out and try some different restaurants around town. At first I was a bit peeved because the lady called me wondering were I was because my driver was on my floor and couldn’t find me. I let her know that he must be at the wrong hotel because he was nowhere near my floor. I let her talk to the lady in the lobby and she had gotten the orders crossed.

Then, 2 orders come from 1 driver, then about 15mins later another driver shows up with the rest. It cost about 300baht extra to have them deliver from 4 different restaurants, but still…it was pretty fast service and I got to see the menu of a lot of different places.

All the food was good. I ordered from Slices Pizza, Indian Palace, Subs & Suds, and Istanbul something. I still have a ton left for me and teerak for the rest of the night. Just got back from 7-11 for Tiger, water, and San Miguel. Tomorrow I’m going to try to check out a place for language lessons.

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