Pattaya – Let The Good Times Roll


So teerak comes over last night with some food and other charitable goods. We stayed up until early this morning when we finally dozed off. We woke up around 3ish PM and she took off for loom to come back before she go bar.

Finale of the 30th

I went and grabbed some dindin for the rest of the night…(made by my boy “Chicken” on Soi 2. His cart includes rice, omelettes, spicy squid, spicy chicken, & yellow chicken curry)

Soon after I got back to the loom I received a call from Mr. Boonsong of Honey Pot, Classroom 2, and Classroom beer bar. He was adamant that I return to the bar and drink as much as I wanted on his tab. I have to admit…I really wanted to gorge myself on the gorgeous Thai food and pass out, but I felt pretty obligated to receive free booze. So I told him I’d drop by in a few hours.

After pigging out I chilled for 2.5 hrs to let the food settle and exited my loom for my charity booze rendezvous. After the watch alarm went off I rolled out to Soi 2. Found Song at the Honey Pot and told him I was just trying to chill tonight. He basically told me to shut the fuck up and drink anything I wanted on his tab. I started off with a B52 and Tiger. Soon after he was pushing Tigers down my throat and buttering me up mighty quickly. I told him I only wanted a little bit, but he insisted I take my fill.

Eventually I had to tell him that the Tigers were making me sleepy and I needed to make a change (before he would order a Tiger before I had a chance to change)

I told him I’d head to the beer bar to shoot some pool and he explained to the ladies that the tab was on him. Soon after his nephew’s wife let me know that I could borrow money if I wanted to and also drink on her tab. I tried to explain to her that I would finish a few playing pool then head home, but she courted me off to the Classroom 2 agogo…(ended up being a fucking godsend). Her husband met me soon after and started to get me drunk like a madman like before.

I noticed what I thought was a familiar face out of the corner of my eye giving me some tongue action while she was posted up on her man. I was in disbelief because she had stopped working at this place while I was on my last trip. I kept eyeing her for a while, but was a bit hesitant because she had a “civilian” overshirt on and was near a dude.

Next thing I know I noticed the same face on a dancer and thought I might be hallucinating. Eventually the friendly face move to the booth next to me with some other guy and I motioned to her that I thought I had seen her before. I pulled some translation action with my friend’s wife and discovered that in fact it was the same girl I had ST’d before and she remembered me…also, she has only recently started to work there again. This is fucking great because she was one of the greatest fucks I’ve ever had in my life and now she can speak even better Engrish.

Song told me to take any lady I wanted on his tab, but I already have one coming soon. The old ST flame was a bit disappointed even though she was going to go for free, but I promised her I’d see her when I came back to Pattaya next month.

After that I walked over to the beer bar where the nephew told me he wanted me to come to his Aunt’s bar opening party on Soi 8 tomorrow. The name’s “Toy Bar” I think. I told him I have to be careful Soi 8 because before I take too many lady.

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