Bob’s BBQ Wagon Wheel Challenge

Bob’s BBQ in Pattaya is located on Soi LK Metro next door to Lolitas.

Bob has a Wagon Wheel Burger Challenge. You have to eat the entire burger and fries in under 45 minutes to win the challenge. If you win the challenge you get half off the burger and your name and picture added to the Wagon Wheel Hall of Fame. If you eat it all in under 15 minutes you get your meal for free.

Weeeeel…I tried it and failed miserably. I ended up eating about 2/3 of the burger and most of the fried within 15 minutes, but decided to throw in the towel with 30 minutes to go. I probably could have finished, but I can tell you that I would have been miserable for the rest of the night. I was in a bad way as it was already. Maybe next time 😉

Wagon Wheel Burger

What was left

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