Oasis Agogo – Backdoor Bandit

Night of the 22nd

I figured I’d hit some gogos for the night. I headed to Soi 2 and everything seemed a bit slow. Next took a baht bus to the Pattaya Beer Garden for a bite to eat. It was pretty dead. The slowest I’ve seen it yet. I was talking to another guy for a bit, both wondering if this place is making money. We agreed it should be packed. Nice breeze and one of the best views in town. Maybe give ladies their 1st drink for free for a couple of months…

Afterwards I took off for Walking St. No shit, I think Bollywood was filming. There was a big camera boom with a ton of Indian guys around and 4 Indian actors acting drunk for the camera.

Next I stopped in at the New Living Dolls. I’d been here once before and liked it. I had stopped in to have a few drinks and scope out a ST. None doing. I stayed for 2 drinks and was only approached for more drinks. Didn’t realize I was that butt ugly. Before I left Mr. RobJ aka Mr. Pimp came in. I said hello and rolled out to see what else was up.

Didn’t really see anything to interest me so decided to go back to Soi Buakhao. While there I stepped into Oasis agogo. I had been here before, but never really found it to my liking. This time was different. Started talking to a dancer that I liked right off the bat. Name was Kung, slim, nice ass, and good personality. After plenty of drinks and her doing a round of dancing on stage is was back in my lap then shortly upstairs to the ST room.

She was great. Nice long blowjob then to the marathon sex. After having a great session we were laid out and exhausted for about 5 mins. Then it was straight to round 2. This time it was taking a while to get mine…so I tested the anal waters and found them to be welcoming. It was my first backdoor entry of the trip. Not too long after I finished and closed up shop. Showered, got her number, then went back to Walking St again to find another ST.

Once again I couldn’t find what I was looking for and the alcohol began to take effect. I knew it’d be best to go ahead and head back to the room. Watched a bit of tv and dozed off this morning happy.


I woke up long enough order room service…finished that and passed out again til about 9pm. I talked to a friend and told her I’d meet her tomorrow. Probably end up being a LT.

I’m gonna try to see how long I can go without a drink. Kinda hard to do in Pattaya, but I can’t seem to stay in shape with the constant drinking. Might just cut back to a few Tigers every once in a while.

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