Bangkok Blues – Bye Bye Thailand

28-29 October

Even though I had been out late the night before I still got up pretty early since it was my last day. The last day is always pretty shitty. I actually flew out on the 29th, but it was a 8am-ish flight, the 28th would pretty much be my last day. I had planned on leaving for BKK at 5pm and doing some partying. I found out from Mr. Dream that his VIP van was at another location and wouldn’t be back in town until around 8:30pm. I was ok with that because I could spend a little bit more time with my main girl. We watched tv a bit and ate food in the room. Other than that I just really didn’t want to leave and didn’t do much for the day. We both went and got a massage downstairs before ordering some food from the little restaurant in View Talay. The taxi showed up and we dropped off my girl J at her apartment and said our goodbye.

Then I slept most of the way to BKK and checked in at the Dream hotel. I was going to get a room at Citi Lodge on Soi 9, but the Dream had a last minute booking discount for that night. After checking into the hotel I messaged the young gogo girl I’d been seeing for the last couple of trips. She had some hair extensions in which I didn’t like as much as her natural look, but she still looked good. She’s been doing good on her English for such a short time and we had some dinner on Sukhumvit before going back to the room and having a mind blowing time…very good night. She left early and showed me some her new English…”I love you”…scary words. A smile back from me and she was off to provide for mama and papa some more.

Just saw “The Beach” on tv a few hours ago and felt a bit vacation-sick for the LOS.

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