Paryting in Pattaya

I believe the was on the menu that night. I had heard about it, checked out the website, and even thought about staying in a room there. It was pretty wild. Right away we got the booth with the hot tub in front of it and had girls all over us and taking off their clothes within 15 minutes. I needed to get the night started quickly so I took 2 of them after being there about 30mins. I was going to get a room there, but decided to just go back to the hotel…shoulda just stayed, but no biggie. I finished with one girl, didn’t have another condom…the other one thought she was getting away >:-) nope nope…not on my watch. It wasn’t quite as depraved as it sounds. We had a good time and we went back to the Kitten Club…they paid for my baht bus…how nice of them…

We stayed for a few hours…drank tons of alcohol and got pretty wild. I ended up at Midnight Madness and took one of the bartenders. She wasn’t the best looking, but she was sweet and I liked hanging out with her. And I ended up saying hi every night after that when I walked by her bar. She was cool about it though. I let them all know that I’m a manwhore and just want to have a good time and hang out with them.

The next day I think we walked around, drank here and there and went to in Jomtien. I was told that this one was better than the one on 2nd rd. It wasn’t. My steak was not even close to being cooked. The bread was awesome though. There was a group of about 11 of us and they had to ask us to stop ordering the bread because they couldn’t keep up. Later on we checked out Amazing Paradise on Soi 7. This is the best open air beer bar we hit on the trip. It was very nice, new flat screens and pool tables. I hung out with a really cute girl and played pool with her, but just wasn’t interested in bringing her back to my place. I think I slept alone that night…can’t remember.

The next night we picked up a tiny little girl From Amazing Paradise that my friend had told me was pretty fun just to hang out with. That’s what we did all night, going to the on Soi 2 (amazing little place) and eventually ending up at the Kitten Club again. I got totally hammered, spent a ton of money. Bought the “VIP sex room” or some shit, didn’t even use it…left with the little tiny girl and my friends ended up taking 6 girls to the room and attempted to put various objects inside the girls…most notably “Homer”. Before I left with the girl though, there was a cat fight about bar girls vs. go go girls between the ones we brought and the Kittens.

For the second time during the trip I ended up in the hot tub with my underwear on and drinking champagne. I took a bath with the little lady back at the hotel and we ended up fucking on every surface/wall in the bathroom and all over the bedroom. The next day I took her number, but almost felt bad because she was so small and I was worried that I hurt her or something. That night we bought my little brother 2 girls to take to the room. They pretty much blew his mind…I hope I haven’t ruined him.

The next night was started at some go go off of walking street…can’t remember the name, but it was pretty small. We picked up some girl that one of the guys knew just to take around and party with us. Somebody mentioned that they wanted some laid back rock n roll and I suggested the FLB. I was reluctant to go back though because I had a bad experience with Ming on the last trip. She got very attached and was under the impression that I “keep her alone”. I had let her know that I would be back in Pattaya and that I might want to hang out, but that she wasn’t my gf and that I would butterfly once more. Of course I got the “I cut your dick” response. It was kind of hard to ignore her because as soon as I walked in her friend Lek (I think, cute little girl with lighter hair) was saying hi and welcome back, nice to see me and then Ming comes out of nowhere and jumps on me. She’s a nice girl, but very emotional. We talked together and she became angry because I hadn’t called her yet. Things turned sour very quickly and she began welling up with tears and I could see the hate in her eyes. Now I’m sure all the girls in FLB think I’m an asshole, that’s too bad.

We left and I was pissed that it would be such a pain in the ass to hang out there, so I decided to get fucked up. I drank all night, was in a bad mood…ended up talking to some friends outside the Sunshine at around 4:30am when I ran into the first cute girl from Amazing Paradise and asked if she’d like to hang out in the room. She did and we had a good time. I got her number the next day…hoping she would leave her name, I had forgotten. She did…her real Thai name, which wasn’t even close to what she was called. I eventually found out a few days later.

I called the little one back the next evening, but she had already been bar fined. She told me she wanted to see me again and to call her the next day. So I just decided to walk around and drink everywhere I could. I’m going to take a turn with the writing style because everything’s getting blurry at the moment. sad.gif I’ll just give a run down of a few of the other events.

Ended up hooking up with the little chick for about 4 days…Hooked a friend up with the first cute girl from Amazing P. We all went out to for the night…quiet place, but we all needed it. I was thinking about shooting down to Krabi, but we all decided that going to the island to take a night off would be smart.

To be continuted…

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