Andy Cap Strikes Back!


My days lately have consisted of me eating food at cheap Thai place, watching tv, reading, and surfing the net. That has changed in the last few days with the arrival of Mr. Andy Cap.

My first meet up with the Cap was at the Canterbury Tales restaurant where we had our introductions and talked about the joys of Pattaya. Very soon after our intro we went right to work and went off to club Oasis. This was just a warm up so we were in no hurry. We both found ourselves a lady or two to converse with about the inner workings of America’s housing industry and possible solutions to its current malady. Andy got the number to a cute little thing and I found a certain number 66 who looked like she still has to do homework every night. Later…

Note…I found out after checking bin that I was being charged black/soda prices for mekhong/soda and also wasn’t receiving the promised 2 for 1 during their happy hour. I believe they may have actually been serving me black/soda though even though I asked for M/S after the initial black…oh well.

Caught a baht bus to WS and snuck into Beavers. Andy had heard good things and wanted to take a peek. I’d been there once before and it wasn’t bad. I never knew until then that none of the girls have panties…good stuff. He got the number of a service girl there while I had a few peeks under the skirt of the young blonde I was talking to. It was early and the girls where a bit quiet until a group of navy boys showed up. Me and Andy really enjoyed them having a good time and oogling all the girls with 100 baht notes flying all over the place. It was funny watching them try to act natural even though you just knew they were likes pig in shit in their minds.

After that we headed to Tahitian Queen 2. I’d never been before, but it seemd like a pretty decent place with good music. We got our 2 for 1 happy hour drinks and downed them fairly quickly before heading off again. I thought the addicts meet up was at catz…showed up around 8:45 and it was dead. I later found out that I hadn’t looked at the updated post, I had seen last weeks…oh well. No biggie though because we went upstairs to Xzone. I like this place a lot. Just the right amount of sleaze, but less sleazy than Windmill. Andy was like a kid in a candy store with the 2 pieces of pussy right in our face. We played a bit then I shot a few games of pool with this troll little lady/man.

Next stop was soi 8 and to the Cherry bar. I stopped into Party bar to pick up my addicts card (again…I lose things) and headed back to the Cherry to see what was up. Saw Skygod for the first time this trip…I think, not sure. I guess he’s still going strong over here. Soon after I headed to soi 7 to pick up J. She got into a fight with another girl about 5 minutes after I got there, so I put her on a motorbike and we went back to the room for the night.

-sexy man

<-sexy man

Next day I had a copy of my passport made into a little id card on a recommendation by Andy. Any Kodak place will do it for 100 baht and a few hours. Ate at Nutch’s place where he met the service girl from the night before. We were going to go out again later, but he found him another lady while watching a futbol game. I was a bit relieved because I felt like shit still from the night before.

The day after was a bit different. I got a call from Cap and he was going to get a bite to eat on soi 6. Sounded pretty good. Met up at the Queen Vic where I had a beer before we were off. The soup place wasn’t around and we were quickly whisked into Kiss Kool. Neither of us had any interest in any of the available girls…we were caught off guard. We sat down for some drinks and my “hard seller” was raping me about the whole time we were there. She was a wild one, but not my taste.

Nasty Ass

After KK we decided we weren’t falling for that shit anymore and we would find some lookers. About 2 minutes later we found what we wanted on the steps of Super Star. Had to pass of a massive set of fake tits and a drink offer on the way though. Cap’s was short and stacked, and mine was tall and long legged. We realized in no time we’d both be sampling the goods.

My girl was named Bang and claimed to be 18…ok, I can play the game. Go to room, shower, and back to room. Bang might really be 18 because her body is immaculate. Nice proportional tits with perfect perky nipples. The clothes were shed and I began making my way around her body sampling all the goods. I tasted her bits for a while and was getting very close with her sounds of enjoyment. I flipped her on her back and gave her a hell of a fingering session while she blew me at the same time. Finally I blew some duck butter on her tits/neck/face and was very much relieved. 5 seconds later I was reaching for the condom and she was giving me a surprised look. Oh yeah, that’s right…not done yet. I pop on the rubber and climb aboard missionary style. Her pussy feels fantastic and I proceed to give her a prober rogering, mis style ends with her ankles next to her ears and the I flip her over and pound away while becoming hypnotized by her insanely hot ass. Finally, I pull her on top of me where I try to come as much as I can, but I’m just not in the shape I used to be and figure I’ll finish with her another time. “up to me” for pay lady, so I hand her 500 baht…I’m sure she’ll be getting more from me later. Grabbed her number and promised to drop by the day after. I made her promise though that next time she’d leave on her cum-fuk-me tennis shoes she was wearing…she just smiled and said “I have black color too”. Bet.

Soi 6

Waited downstairs for Andy and we left for the Beer Garden after he barfined his little cutie. Had some green curry and made our way down WS to the Rolling Stone bar. While there Cap sang 3 songs and blew the band off the stage, this guy can fucking sing.

I forgot that we saw this guy on soi6. He drove down the soi on his scooter while honking his horn and hollering at all the ladies. Then he stopped off at a bar where we snapped some pics. He was having a hell of a time.

Then we headed to Sam’s cocktail bus on soi lk. I went and grabbed J and the 4 of us went to town on some cocktail buckets. Me and J had a Zombie, Blue Hurricane, and a fucking Cobra Screwdriver which Andy spiced up with some Around the World. End the end I believe this was the undoing of me. Andy headed off with his new friend while me and J went to some bar on soi Diana that had a nice pool table and a ton of ladyboys. She mentioned that she was about ready to head to the house, I said ok…then she passed out in the bar. I put her on a motorbike and took her back to the room where I tucked her in. Went back and played a bit more pool.

Sams Bar

Sam's Bar

Left that place for Pook Swan house on Buakhao for some more drinks and pool. I think I went straight to soi 8’s Cherry Bar…things started to get a bit hazy from then on. I met M and bar fined her as soon as I got there…I think. I think Adam was around…he’s seen me wasted too many times I think. Me and M took a baht bus to PC guest house on soi Yamato where we found a room for a few hundred baht. I’m pretty sure we had good sex although I couldn’t really tell you. Next thing I know I wake up in an unfamiliar setting wondering what was going on before I remembered getting the ST room. I head for toilet and do the best I can to puke except there’s nothing inside of me. A few dry heaves later and I’m rushing to throw my clothes on while hurridly saying bye to M. Paid her and checked out of the room with no extra payments for staying over night. I showed up at the room a bit after 10 where J’s worried and relieved I made it back. Felt like I was going to die from the hangover I had. Finally drifted off and woke up feeling a lot better.

Met Andy for lunch and straight back to the room where I missed out on the FLB meeting. Although I did get to see Cap’s BJ skills on the webcam. 7am now and I haven’t been to bed yet…not sure if I will or not. Probably try to get into something today, but will definitely take it easy on the booze.

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