Biker Party…In Pattaya


Woke up feeling a bit better, but still sick. I knew there’d be a party on soi 7 so I wasn’t too worried about finding something to do. We ate lunch at the hotel restaurant as usual. It’s good, fast, and cheap for the Thai food…at least that’s what she says. Basically all I did was lay around all day watching tv. In the evening she left to get ready and I told her I’d meet up with her at the party. I was told to wear a black shirt, so I stopped by Mike’s to pick up a fake polo. I soon realized why once I got there.

It was a biker party. The owner of the bar is a biker chick and this was their annual fundraiser. It ended up being a pretty fun night. There was a live band and food of course. I just sat around talking to people and shooting a bit of pool. That night I made my full transition to mehkong/soda full time. I actually like the stuff and it’s 50 baht in most of the beer bars. I’d go with beer, but I get full really easy and then just want to sleep. At some point in the night there was a group of orphan children that performed. They did a few Thai songs and dancing. A donation box was passed around and I dropped a 500baht note in. I figured they needed it a bit more than I did. They’re without a family and I’m over here getting pissed and fucking every thing I can for 3 months.

Ladyboy posing at the party

Biker dudes

Me and the young lady were pretty fucked up near the end and bought some food and headed back to the room. Another one in the books.

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