Soi Sexcapades

June 27, 2009

Waking up on my Amari couch in front of the tv and fully clothed I realised that I’d had a bit too much to drink. No problem, I sauntered into the bedroom to a waiting Thai girl who did her best to take away that nasty hangover. And since that didn’t quite take it away she made sure to do her best a second time to help me out. After a shower we both sat down to some room service. I just remembered that I never got to eat at the “hole in the wall”, or Nuch’s restaraunt while I was in Pattaya. There will always be a next time though. I believe I had pad kha prao gai, or gai pad kha prao…not sure the correct order it goes in. It’s the ground chicken fried with basil leaves and an egg on top, I like it a lot.

I told her that I’d meet another farang sometime that afternoon to do some beer drinking and say hello even though of course it would be a burden to me………but she knows I’m a bit of a butterfly, so I’m sure she knew exactly what I was doing. Exactly what I was doing was going to meet a certain Mr. Andy Cap down in the bar of the Bilabong hotel. He told me that oneday from the boards was going to be there and I was looking forward to meeting him as I’ve followed a few of his trip reports and have been an admirer of their wealth of information. I just like seeing Andy because he’s hot!

I arrived and had a beer and water until Andy showed up and introduced me to the Aussie hotel owner. Saying hi to Andy felt like we’d caught right back where we had left off last time. Then Randy, oneday, showed up and we started talking a bit about reports and a site I’m wanting to put together. Randy really seemed like a nice guy who knew about many things and I had the feeling that he would really prosper from staying in a place like Thailand where everything’s so different and there’s so many new things to learn.

We didn’t have a plan on where to go (even though I was secretly hoping for soi 6), but decided on soi 6 in the end…score. I could tell Andy just wanted some strange young ass, so me and Randy wrapped up our conversation and we made our way to soi sin. Randy was already waiting on us after taking his motorbike. We took a sec to get our minds right and started the crawl. It only took a few feet before Andy found him a busty lady he was interested in meeting. For me it didn’t matter, I was just along for the ride…or rides.

After squeezing into a booth we all had a few laughs and drinks with the 2 girls me and Andy had aquired on the way in. I had been informed earlier that Randy already a girl he’d been seeing for a while now. I was ridiculed of course and felt embarassed about not following his latest report. After going back and skimming through I can see why. She’s very beautiful and they both look very happy in their pics.

Finally me and Andy gave the nod to head upstairs and have some fun. It didn’t take long to find out their wasn’t much separating the 2 rooms, oh well, we’d been down that road before. My girl was in her 30’s, was maybe a 5, but was still nice and was trying. She had long black hair and a nice grabable ass. She was very tight and did her best to squeeze a 2nd nut out, but to no avail. Paid the dough and away we go. We stopped a few bars down because Andy wanted me to introduce me to his lady from the night before. She was young, cute, and had 2 natural cantaloupes on her chest…very nice Mr. Cap.

Andy trying out the ear warmers

Randy showed up not long after and we took in the sights of the soi before finishing our stroll down the way. Andy fancied one not far down and once again we go inside. This time the girl I had ended up leaving after me, Andy, and Randy got to talking about something for a while. Too bad because she had one of the nicest ass’ I’ve felt in town. Andy’s left as well, so we said fuck it, finished our drinks and left. Not far was Betty Boop. A service girl caught the eye of Cap this time ’round. Inside we all go. A nice gogo girl joins me and Randy. Randy lets her know “him hab lady already” so she hops on my lap and I’m very happy. Randy ended up leaving as he had a cute one back at home to make him happy…no need watching me and Andy perving it up.

Soi 6 Pattaya

Up to the rooms we go. I’m an ass man and I really enjoy when I find a nice small cute girl with a nice plump pooper on her. This one had one and wasn’t shy in the sack either. I wanted to grab her number, but I’d already had a few I needed to get back with. There’s always another one. I can’t remember her name, but she had shortish spikey hair and was real spunky.

Thai Ass

Thai Ass

Thai Ass...

Thai Ass...

Once back in the gogo I realize it’s 7pm and I have to jet because I’ve got a reservation at the Amari’s Supperclub. I bid farewell to Mr. Cap and catch a motorbike taxi back to the hotel. I meet up with my friend, his lady, and my longtime girl. We go into the Supperclub which is a bit less formal than the one in BKK. The food didn’t even come close to the BKK SC and most of it was actually pretty gross. I don’t know if the chef just had a bad night, or was rushing, or what. I can’t say I’ll be back.

After dinner I wanted to go out some and show my friend around town more than I had, but I was so tired I passed out with J until around midnight. I stayed up the rest of the night and the 28th picks right up from the 27th (although I guess it always does that anyways huh?)

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