TR6 – Part 2

August 24 – 25, 2009

Ok, so after Bee left I showered up and figured out what I needed. I didn’t bring any clothes besides a few t-shirts and underwear. So I took off to buy some cheap jeans on Sukhumvit. Of course since I’m a fatty it wasn’t that easy. I ended up getting a pair of jeans and went into a tailor shop to try them on. They were too small, so I figured it’d be easier to just get a pair of khakis made for me. I got measured and ordered 2 pairs to be picked up the next day.

I still needed some pants so I walked down to Robinson to see what they had. I was actually able to find some jeans that fit and I bought a few shirts. After getting some gear I headed back to the room to get up with my boy Kslay (I think that’s his member name here). He had made the mistake of calling a girl from Pattaya when he thought he was calling an old BKK friend. Like a retard he let the Pattaya girl come up to visit. So with her in tow I took them down to Tony Roma’s near soi5 for some American food. It wasn’t as good as last time I ate there, but it filled us up.

After that we headed over to Nana Plaza. I wanted to see the young girl I met last time in Fantasia, 2nd floor. She wasn’t in, she was “on holiday” aka getting boned probably. Either way we just hung out some and had a few drinks. From Fantasia we made our way around to a few other bars. We sat down for a drink in Angelwitch. This was the first time I’d ever came here. I’ve just never really been too interested in watching the shows, but it was ok I guess. The girls there didn’t seem to be too pretty, but I guess it’s not a bad place to have a drink.

We ended up leaving Nana and heading down to soi Cowboy. The first place we hit was Shark, or Sharky, I forget. From there I eyed up a decent looker that would work for the night. Her name was Paa, or Baa, or Daa. Never could tell since it was so loud and that really wasn’t my first priority. She wanted me to take her and her friend, but I had the feeling it wouldn’t have worked out like I wanted it to. I barfined her, split from my wingman, and we went to [url=””]Q-bar[/url]. I bought a bottle of JWBlack and we had a few drinks and danced a little bit. This was my first time in Q-bar as well and it was pretty laid back. There were some cuties in there and would be a nice place to pick somebody up. I’ve read somewhere that Q-bar and Bed Supperclub are 2 places that independants hang out a lot.

From the Q-bar we went back for some boomboom. The plan was to fuck then go out to some Thai club, but we were both so exhausted we just fell asleep. Early in the morning she got up to leave. I’m not the biggest fan of it because I get ripped off for my morning fuck. Didn’t really feel like arguing, so paid her off and went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping til around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Once up I took Kslay and his girl down to the corner of soi 7 to eat at Bukharet’s, an Indian place. I think the spelling’s fucked up though. I had way too many appetizers and could barely touch my vegetarian thali. It was really good though and we were all full. After eating I went down to the tailor shop to pick up my pants. After that we headed back to the hotel when my friend wanted to look into getting a suit made. While there I found another pair of jeans and also got fitted for some custom jeans and a few more shirts. Finally we made it back to the hotel where we dropped our shit off real quick. Somewhere during the day we went to [url=””]Emporium[/url]. I should’ve just went here first because they have a ton of clothes and a ton of sizes and a ton of cute workers.

We split up after getting back to the hotel and I went to pick up the young gogo girl from Fantasia. I’d called ahead and they said she was waiting. She hadn’t changed yet, so she was ready when I got there. We left and went straight back to the hotel. We hung around a bit watching tv before showering and getting down to business. Man…I was a very happy man last night and this morning. She’s got a perfect body and cute as a button, but she speaks shit for English and she thinks I speak Thai, so she’s always babbling about shit and then just starts laughing when I give her the “what…the…fuck…” look.

After a session last night we went out to Sukhumvit rd to eat some sukiyaki. Not sure what the Thai word for it is, but it’s kinda like the MK place where you cook your own food in a hotpot.

This morning I told her that I needed to go to the embassy and got her ready to leave. She left and I let her know that I’d call her during my next visit to BKK. As far as the embassy, I need to add some pages to my passport. Anybody have any experience with it here in BKK? I called and they said it usually takes an hour, so it should be painless.

Ok…so…now I’m about to eat at a Korean place right down the street. Not really sure what I want to do tonight…thinking about calling an old friend and making a movie, but I guess I’ll figure it out later. I have 1 new pic to put up, but there’s a girl in the room now and I don’t want to bring any attention to the laptop.

By the way…Kslay went to RCA last night with a guy that works here in the hotel. He loved it, with all the college girls and what not. After that he said the guy took him to some Thai beerbar where they all had a short time.

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