Getting Back Into The Groove

July 5

July 5 – Pretty big day. I woke up around 7am and let sexy lady know she need go bye bye. I checked out of Sunshine and headed down to Soi 13 and booked a room in the Sandy Spring hotel for 2 days. A bit cheaper and a nicer room. 1600 TBHT, too mutt for me, but only for short time.

I have a pic of the room, but I realized once I reached the PC in the lobby I forgot my fucking usb cord for the camera…good job me. But I will have pics tomorrow fa shua.

Ok, after booking the room I walked down to the right before Walking Street to the right. I was probably their first customer and a very happy one too. I had 2 tiger beers, a 3 egg omelete w/mushrooms, cheese, and tomato…and a side of rice. Oh, and the tomato slices were very good for Pattaya. Not down home Arkansas ‘maters, but pretty good. All that for 220 TBHT. That’s ridiculous. Good job Pete, nice place.

After that I went to Royal Garden Plaza on Beach rd. and filled up my phone and bought the charger for my camera battery. I got sucked into the “Insanity Maze” or some shit like that. It’s some little walk through thing next to the Ripley’s place. It was creepy…don’t do it on drugs. I didn’t, but it was creepy enough.

I head back to the hotel to drop the things off and head down to to pick up some swim trunks and underwear…yep, didn’t even bring any drawers.

Came back and relaxed in the room a bit. Went out later to get a haircut and shave near the Sunshine on Soi 8. Then headed down to Chalaos bar to hang out. Played a bit of pool after watching some Arabic guy get pissed at some Thai guy about the Thailand pool rules…bad form.

Headed to Amazing Paradise bar on Soi 7 to play pool (very nice tables for a bar) and see if any of the girls I knew were working. One was and another was back home at a funeral. I tell her I sorry mak mak.

Then walked over to the bar next door to see if the mamasan was around. Her good pay pool. She wasn’t, but I was told that they’d call her and I should come back later. I headed to the Cherrry bar and hung out a bit then went back to Soi 7. I played the mamasan and lost (me let her) and gave her the prize of “ring bell”. I think she liked that… tongue.gif While I was there an old friend found me and we ended up leaving together.

I took her to a gogo or 2 and headed to the Cherry Bar. Apparently I drank a bit much because I only remembered that I didn’t have enough money to pay for bill. (not good)

Anyways, I’ve had an amazing morning with my “tiny” little friend (you know who bus). I just got back from 7-11 for wakie and headache medicine. After checking my email I found out that a good friend of mine had drowned over the weekend. Pretty shitty news. I’m going up now to try to get a hold of his parents and pay my respects.

I guess it makes me appreciate the opportunities have had in the past and am having now.

So…tomorrow I’ll have pics.

I forgot. In the Beer Garden I accidentally gave them a 1000 baht note instead of a 100. They called me back as I was walking off. Classy

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